Creative ideas with Kaya

The traditional Singaporean breakfast favourite is not just for toasts - here are eight other ways you can eat kaya.

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The traditional breakfast spread is not just for toasts – here are eight other ways you can eat kaya.

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Kaya Ice-Cream Anyone?

It might sound strange, but try using kaya (chill it in the fridge first) as a flavouring for home-made ice-cream. an easy way is to use vanilla ice-cream as base, then fold the kaya into it for a fragrant icy treat.

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Delish Dips

You can also use kaya as a dip for snacks, from toast sticks, corn chips and potato wedges to even local snacks like pappadums, muruku and rice crackers.

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Cerealsly Good

We normally take cereal with milk for breakfast, but how about trying something new by pairing it with kaya? Try mixing a bowl of cereal with a half cup of kaya for a delicious morning treat.

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Switch Out

Try adding or replacing condiments like blueberry jam on pancakes, and butter cream on crackers, with kaya for a new taste experience.

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Go French

If you’ve never tried it before, kaya goes really well with a lot of french pastries like croissants, eclairs and mille-feuilles. Try it out as a spread or filling for these baked goods, besides having it with your usual toast.

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Better Batter

Making your own waffles or pancakes at home? mix kaya into the batter for a fragrant coconut egg jam taste, and take your homemade treats to the next level.

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Creative Bakes

Whether you’re baking cheese cake or a chocolate fondant cake, try mixing kaya into your recipes – you never know what interesting and delicious creations will come out of it!

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Shake It Off

Try this: Blend two scoops of vanilla ice-cream with ¼ cup of kaya for a unique shake!


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