A keg in your name, made to your taste? Yes, please.

Portrait of Tammy Strobel

A keg in your name, made to your taste? Yes, please.

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Spirits and wine make for great cultured enjoyment, but sometimes a frothy mug of cold beer just hits the spot better. Double down on that pleasure, then. You can now create your own bespoke blend through a new Singapore-based brewery. 

Trouble Brewing offers beer lovers the opportunity to consult its master brewer, pin down the exact notes of their to-be masterpiece, and turn their fantasy labels into reality. The dream draft can either be delivered in bottles clad in your customised label, or be served via a “kegerator” –  keg-refrigerator – that has the icy-cold beverage on tap. If you opt for subscription plans, the firm will send top-ups as required. The turnaround time from first meeting to delivery is pegged at two weeks. 

Whether you are out to impress visiting clients, be in the running for Singapore’s Coolest Boss, or just fancy copious amounts of the social lubricant at your next big house party, the folks at Trouble Brewing have you covered. 

41 Craig Road.