Airline food embraces wellness as SIA introduces clean cuisine for premium class passengers.

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Clean eating has taken off  in the past few years, as consumers become increasingly mindful of what they put into their bodies. More than salads, low-calorie diets and organic foods, today’s consumers want unprocessed, sustainable and locally-sourced ingredients. Standards are sky-high, and since in-flight cuisine has always taken a cue from trends on the ground – think celebrity chefs and farm-to-table concepts – it’s only natural that clean eating should influence airline menus.

Just last month, Singapore Airlines teamed up with Singapore-based wellness brand Como Shambhala to launch specially curated items on board selected flights. The partnership was part of a larger move to increase the wellbeing of passengers. The menu revolves around healthy and wellbalanced dishes, designed not just to provide the body with sustenance but also to counter the stresses of travel. This includes items such as cleansing, high-fibre tropical fruit bircher muesli, and calming and micronutrient-rich coconut poached fish in a tomato and garam masala sauce. A special ginger tea featuring cold-pressed beetroot, carrot, green apple, and turmeric also provides circulatory support within the confines of the cabin.

A number of dishes are also available for pre-ordering via Book the Cook, for first, business, and premium economy class passengers on all routes departing from Singapore. Think immunity-boosting spiced buckwheat and pumpkin pancakes (photo), and a coconut and chia pudding, which is served with fresh strawberries steeped in hibiscus flower tea – providing the body with digestive support as well as a shot of vitamins.

These airlines know the way to their passengers’ hearts is through their stomachs, and they’re pulling out all stops to stand out.
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Air France takes French gastronomy seriously, as they know this is one aspect of the in-flight experience where they can really shine. For flights departing from Singapore in business and first class, passengers will be treated to dishes created by Singapore-based two-Michelin star chef Julien Royer, whose French fine dining restaurant Odette was ranked 18 in this year’s The World’s 50 Best Restaurants awards.
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Earlier this year, Qantas bagged an astounding number of gold accolades at the annual Cellars in the Sky Awards event in London, including best overall wine cellar and best first class wine cellar. The Australian national carrier offers passengers blends that celebrate boutique and classic wine styles, grape varietals and regions. To equip their staff, they have trained over 300 cabin crew to function as onboard sommeliers.
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One of Qatar Airways’ innovative offerings is their sharing platters, which are designed to be a social experience and are available anytime in QSuite, the world’s firstever double bed available in business class. On their European routes, their premium customers also get to enjoy meals that are the product of close collaborations with local farms and suppliers, in a bid to promote a farm-to-table approach.