These cassava crisps are lower in fat, sodium and calories.

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These cassava crisps are lower in fat, sodium and calories.


It’s hard to find a snack that can rival the crispy mouthfeel of potato chips. But these UCA Cassava Chips are it.

Made from cassava (or yuca), a tuberous root that’s similar to tapioca, these chips have a delicate, crunchy texture that will surely please you. Plus, they are a healthier alternative.

Cassava is known to be a good source of protein, vitamin K, as well as important minerals like potassium, magnesium, copper, iron, zinc and manganese.

Compared to popular brands of salted potato chips, each bag of UCA Cassava Chips Original contains more than 10 percent less calories, 40 percent less fat, and up to 40 percent less sodium. So if you have a snack craving, swopping potato chips for these would make a difference to your overall calorie and nutrient intake.

Taste-wise, the cassava chips are a winner: Each chip has just the right amount of flavour. It’s not cloying, and allows the natural toasty taste of cassava to shine through.

UCA Cassava Chips come in three flavours: Original, Hot & Spicy and Grill BBQ. Hot & Spicy – the most popular flavour locally – gives your taste buds a good, spicy kick, while Grill BBQ is the perfect balance of sweet and smoky.

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