The Superfood Every Woman Needs

Here’s why this new fermented milk drink should be part of your diet.

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Here’s why this new fermented milk drink should be part of your diet.
Have kefir for
breakfast or
as a guilt-free
afternoon snack.
Have kefir for breakfast or as a guilt-free afternoon snack.
Forget acai bowls and green smoothies – the new food that’s got the attention of health-conscious people everywhere is kefir.
Originating in Russia, kefir is a cultured milk drink with a consistency between milk and yogurt. It is made by adding a live culture of yeast and bacteria to milk, and leaving it to ferment for 24 hours.
Kefir tastes like a tangy yogurt, but you’d be wrong to assume that they are the same. For starters, kefir has over 35 strains of live probiotics – significantly higher than the strains available in store-bought yogurt. This means that kefir does a better job at enhancing gut health, from promoting smoother bowel movement to preventing bloating.
Its benefits don’t end there. Those who want to drop kilos will like that kefir reduces junkfood cravings, thus aiding in weight loss. Since it cleanses the digestive system and boosts immunity, you can look forward to clearer skin and fewer breakouts.
It helps reduce anxiety and promotes better sleep (as a healthier gut improves your mood), plus it contains tryptophan, an amino acid that relaxes the nervous system.
It is an excellent source of calcium and vitamin K2, yet low in lactose. The probiotics predigest the nutrients in milk, so the body easily absorbs them. And if you’ve recently completed a cycle of antibiotics, kefir aids in restoring the digestive system’s good bacteria.
Plain Milk Kefir
(320ml, $5.50)
Plain Milk Kefir (320ml, $5.50)


You can get this fermented milk drink at Miss Kefir. The two women who founded the store pride themselves in producing quality kefir. They use live kefir grains to ferment small batches of fresh milk. In contrast, mass-produced kefir is made by adding artificially produced powder of certain bacteria strains to milk, resulting in kefir with weak nutritional properties.

The founders first learned about kefir three years ago from a relative in Canada, who recommended it to one of them who was suffering from severe gastric pain and an infection caused by H. pylori, a bacteria that causes stomach ulcers. Her condition vastly improved after taking it, and, as they say, the rest is history.

The best-selling item at Miss Kefir is the Kefir Yoghurt Parfait ($3.60 to $4.60). Made of kefir and Greek yogurt topped with homemade granola and fresh fruit, it is delicious and Insta-worthy! Each parfait contains 60ml (four tablespoons) of kefir, a good serving size for newbies.

Also, try the protein- and calciumrich Plain Milk Kefir (320ml, $5.50). Refills are available at $6 for 400ml and $12 for 800ml. Just purchase a recyclable glass bottle for $2. Kefir is also used in the Bak Kwa Scones ($2.20 each). The savoury bites are perfect for Chinese New Year!

Kefir Yoghurt
($3.60 to $4.60)
Kefir Yoghurt Parfait ($3.60 to $4.60)


Buy two 320ml bottles of Plain Milk Kefir and get one bottle free! Present this page to redeem this offer. Miss Kefir is at #01-01 Far East Square, 2 Amoy Street. For more information, call/ Whatsapp 9726-8398 or visit or misskefir. Valid from Jan 31 to Mar 31, 2017.

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