Make sure your luggage is the only thing that comes back heavier post-holiday.

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Make sure your luggage is the only thing that comes back heavier post-holiday.

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If you dread the scales whenever you come back from vacation, you’re not alone. Past research by The Westin Singapore has shown that the average Singaporean traveller gains 1.2kg after each trip. Bad news considering we’re a nation of foodies! But what can you do if you can’t resist the delicious night market fare in Taiwan, or the fluffy, buttery pastries in France? The answer is simple: Just make sure you pack along Borsch Med Bind&Block FAT. Borsch Med Bind&Block FAT is a dietary supplement that helps to limit fat absorption. Its key ingredient is chitosan, a shellfish extract that binds to excess fat and creates an indigestible compound that gets passed out of your body naturally. This allows you to indulge in an array of exotic food without any guilt. Score a healthier digestive system with Borsch Med Bind&Block FAT too. It’s formulated with prebiotics to encourage the growth of good gut bacteria to prevent constipation – a big plus if your system goes haywire while you’re travelling. Each box of Borsch Med Bind&Block FAT comes with individually packed sachets for total convenience, plus the mango-peach flavoured powder tastes just like real fruits! For greater value, sign up for the Borsch Med online membership. You’ll enjoy a welcome gift of $10 worth of Reward Dollars (no min. spend required) and earn 5 per cent on purchases in the form of Reward Dollars. These can be traded in on your next purchase. You’ll also get first dibs on new product samples. Head to for more details.