Evolving, multi-experience dining concepts that let you indulge in more ways than one

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Evolving, multi-experience dining concepts that let you indulge in more ways than one

The Karl Experience
The Karl Experience


From scavenger hunt to theatrical dining world

Something the entire family will love, ANDSOFORTH ( is a nomadic pop-up restaurant that invites diners into brand new worlds that fuse theatrical art and gastronomy. Expect immersive dining experiences ranging from garden wonderlands to mad scientist labs and fashionable soirees complete with a catwalk. How does it work? You book seats to the themed events online and receive the location on the day of the feast with strategic clues of what’s to come along the way. 

Big Island
Iced Tea
Big Island Iced Tea


From breezy lunch spot to hot Hawaiian haunt

If you see a tropical oasis appearing beyond the skyscrapers of the Central Business District, know that this is no mirage—it is Aloha Poké’s Tiki Bar, Singapore’s one and only. By day, this breezy spot is frequented for Hawaiianstyle salad and grain poké bowls lavished with house-marinated chunks of raw ahi tuna, salmon or tofu. By night, it transforms into a neon pineapple-lit bar serving island-perfect cocktails punctuated with Malibu and Jamaican rum; plus sumptuous bites like Musubi, caramelised spam sushi, and smoky, tender Kahlua Pig Burritos. Hang loose fast with the punchy Big Island Iced Tea brimming with white and spiced rum, earl grey syrup, and a burst of orange and pineapple. 

Poké Bowl
Ultimate Poké Bowl
Melaka cocktail
Suka-Suka Melaka cocktail


From check-in counter to jet-setter’s watering hole

You'll want to check-in extra early for your fl ight at Changi Airport’s new Terminal 4 for a spot of GST-free shopping at the new 1,800sqft DFS store. The first integrated retail space—covering liquor, tobacco, cosmetics and perfumes—introduces two new tantalising concepts: The Cocktail Bar, where travellers can savour and shake up local-inspired libations of their own; and The Craft Collection, a curation of craft and small-batch spirits from around the globe, for  you to imbibe at your next destination. 

DFS’ The Cocktail Bar
DFS’ The Cocktail Bar
& Winte
Spring & Winte


From casual falafel joint to Middle Eastern supper club

As day turns into night, the crowd at chic kebab café-bar, Fat Prince is lured behind plush velvet curtains into The Ottomani, a decadent Middle Eastern restaurant on Peck Seah Street. Here, under candles and oil lanterns conjuring fantasies of Arabian nights, diners partake in elevated interpretations of traditional favourites, like sharing plates of Adana Beef Tartare “Kebab” with caviar; Spring & Winter, smoked mussel verde with hazelnut dukkah; and Sticky Pork with a rub of Turkish coff ee, palm sugar and Szechuan pepper that has been slow-roasted overnight. 

White Negroni
White Negroni


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