Looking to make your lunch at home? This undergrad and her friends started a website sharing lunchbox tips and recipes.

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Looking to make your lunch at home? This undergrad and her friends started a website sharing lunchbox tips and recipes. 

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Name: Amanda Chong
Age: 23
Job: Undergraduate

Connect with Amanda
Instagram: @thelunchboxmovement

What inspired you and your friends to start a website advocating home-packed meals?
We got together last year to discuss a potential topic for our final year project and realised we had similar sentiments on the benefits of eating home-cooked food. It’s healthier and easier on the wallet than eating out, and this inspired us to do more research on it. I put on weight when I was on an exchange programme in the US, and I lost all those pounds by eating home-cooked food regularly! 

What are some of your top tips and tricks for preparing lunch at home?
I would recommend taking some time over the weekend to prepare your lunches for the week ahead. This may be familiar to those who already engage in meal-prepping. The idea is to have food in the refrigerator that only needs to be reheated before eating. That way, you won’t have to wake up early before going to school or work or stay up late after a long day to prepare your home-packed lunches.

How has the response to The Lunchbox Movement been so far?
It has been very well received! Many of our followers have shared pictures of their home-packed lunches on Instagram. Dr Mary Chong of NUS’ Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health and I also shared about The Lunchbox Movement and the importance of healthy eating among young Singaporeans on Channel NewsAsia.

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Her most memorable time abroad was in the USA
“I spent six months there for my exchange programme. It is a dream of mine to visit all of the National State Parks!”

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Five things that make her happy:
“A good yoga session, my bunny, a good book, retail therapy, and my friends and family.”

She knows sign language
“Picking up this skill has allowed me to communicate with lots more people, and I hope to be able to find more opportunities to use it.” 

Text Compiled By: Adora Wong.

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