The Space Saver

Vago is a baggage compressor that reduces bulk for more luggage space.

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"Vago, the size of a mini Magnum, is $84.10, inclusive of an M-sized vacuum bag. The gadget comes in these four colours shown here. At"

Going away is fun, but since we are not all Marie Kondo, packing can really suck. What’s gonna make it suck less: the combination of Vago’s vacuum bags to pack stuff  in and its handy baggage compression device. The latter, like a portable vacuum cleaner, sucks out the air trapped within clothes to free up to 50 per cent more space – regardless of whether you’re using a backpack or suitcase.

How Vago works: Screw it onto the nozzle of the plastic vacuum bag, plug it into the mains or a portable battery pack, and wait a few minutes for its builtin smart sensor to detect the pressure inside the bag. It automatically stops when all the air has been sucked out of the bag.

The vacuum bags come in small (36x36cm, $12.90), medium (50x60cm, $15.90) and large (70x100cm, $19.90). All are airtight to reduce odour and bacterial growth, so clothes stay fresh and protected from incidental spills.

Now, pack that extra pair of Uggs or that Canada Goose parka. – JC

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