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Razer Mamba Elite.

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The Mamba is an old stalwart in Razer’s product line-up, and it’s about time it got a sensor that holds its own against the competition today. 

The 16,000DPI optical sensor is the same one used in the DeathAdder Elite, and it’s simply excellent. I wasn’t able to make the mouse spin out no matter how fast I flicked, and all my movements felt responsive and accurate. That’s a huge upgrade from the old laser sensor, making the Mamba Elite pretty much a tournament-ready mouse.

It is right-handed and ergonomic, with a curved left side to allow your thumb a more natural grip. Conversely, the right side protrudes slightly to accommodate your ring finger and pinky. Both sides feature rubber grips, which help provide added purchase during long gaming sessions. 

At 96g however, the mouse is a little heavier than I’d like, but it’s still light enough that it doesn’t feel excessively cumbersome.

Now, the Mamba Elite is a large mouse, so it’s not the best if you’ve got small mitts like me. However, I do find it more comfortable than the DeathAdder, which has a rather severe shape that feels tiring to use. 

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The side buttons are large enough and easily accessible.

The Mamba Elite is best suited for palm grips, given that the highest point is located more toward the middle, leaving the back arch relatively flat.

That said, I’m not a fan of how the buttons feel as they’re a little too light for my tastes. The scroll wheel feels good though, with well-defined notches and just the right amount of resistance.

Another area where the Mamba shines, quite literally, is in its sheer extent of lighting customization options. It is flanked by light rails on both sides, and both the scroll wheel and Razer logo on its back are illuminated as well. In fact, it features a total of 20 independent lighting zones, so you can make some truly fine-grained adjustments to suit your specific tastes.

In keeping with Razer’s recent products, the Mamba Elite also supports both onboard memory and cloud storage. You can store up to five profiles on the mouse and access them anywhere, even without an internet connection, which finally addresses one of the greatest weaknesses of Razer’s Synapse software. A button at the bottom of the mouse also lets you switch between different profiles.


Razer’s best Mamba mouse yet, complete with an excellent sensor and extensive lighting customization options.

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SENSOR 16,000DPI optical sensor

DIMENSIONS 125 x 69.9 x 43.3mm


PRICE $149