Meet the new Fujifilm instax mini Link More than just a smartphone photo printer, it’s a fun party printer.

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With the amount of photos we shoot on our smartphones, the portable photo printer business is booming. However, if you’re thinking that one photo printer is the same as the next, you haven’t met the new instax mini Link yet.


Fujifilm’s latest smartphone photo printer is super sleek, fits in your palm, and weighs only 200g for easy portability. What makes it stand out is a built-in motion sensor that actually activates different printing modes based on its orientation.

Place the instax mini Link vertically (with the printout facing upwards) and it enters standard print mode where you can print photos direct from your smartphone via a Bluetooth connection. But that’s not all, install the free instax mini Link companion app (available on both App Store and Google Play) and you get access to even more advanced printing options such as Video Print, where you can pick a favourite frame out of your videos to print.

The instax mini Link is also designed to be intuitive. Swiping up on a photo you want to print in the app will directly send it to the printer. And if you’re using the app to shoot a photo, the instax mini Link can also double up as a wireless remote. Tilting the printer back and forth with zoom in/ out, and the power button acts as a shutter.

Reprinting the last photo is easy too. Simply turn the instax mini Link upside down (with the printout facing downward) and press the power button.


Here’s where the fun really begins. If you place the instax mini Link horizontally (with the power button facing upward), you will enter Fun Mode. What’s Fun Mode exactly? It’s kind of like having one of those Japanese ‘purikura’ photo booths in the palm of your hand. You can choose up to 27 fancy frame designs, 14 collage layouts or even split your photos into multiple prints.

Fun Mode also allows you to connect up to 5 friends to create a single unique instax print that incorporates the pictures from all 5 people. If you want to keep it fresh, you can turn on Surprise Mode and let the printer combine the photos itself into the final printout.

What’s more, there’s even a little game you can play with the instax mini Link. Upload a photo with two people or two single photos, then either take a quiz or choose the “leave it to fate” option and get your Match Test results in a printout that will show you your compatibility scores with your BFF.

The instax mini Link is available in Dark Denim, Ash White and Dusky Pink.

Visit FUJIFILM Concept Store at Funan Mall, #03-K04 to try the new instax mini Link.

To find out more about the FUJIFILM instax mini Link, visit www.fujifilm.com.sg