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Stuttgart’s New Limo, Baby Q, Funky C3, Kombi Bed, Tristar Cart, Flashy Footwear.

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Stuttgart’s New Limo, Baby Q, Funky C3, Kombi Bed, Tristar Cart, Flashy Footwear.
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 Stuttgart’s New Limo

The Porsche Panamera has always been better known for its performance instead of its looks. But that’s set to change following the launch of the new second-gen model.

Like its predecessor, the latest Panamera looks like a supersized 911 coupe. But this time, it has sharper lines and a more resolved rear end, which might placate critics of the previous model.

The fastback boasts increased road presence thanks to its larger dimensions. The car’s wheelbase, which is 30mm longer, also results in better legroom.

Drivers will find the improved cockpit to be more user-friendly than the older model’s. Touch-sensitive controls have replaced most of the numerous hard keys, and the instrument panel, save for the tachometer, has been digitised.

 Highlighting the model’s athletic abilities are the initial variants available – the 4S, 4S Diesel and Turbo.

The most impressive of the three is the 4S Diesel, the fastest diesel-powered production vehicle in the world today. Equipped with a 4-litre turbo-diesel V8 that pumps out 422bhp and a massive 850Nm from just 1000rpm, it hits 100km/h in 4.5 seconds and has a top speed of 285km/h.

Also debuting in the new Panamera is a new 8-speed dual-clutch gearbox, which replaces the older 7-speed dual-clutch unit.

Prices for the new Panamera models start at $543,188 (without COE), and the cars will come to Singapore in the first half of 2017.

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Baby Q

Audi is targeting well-heeled and style-conscious suburbanites with the Q2, the smallest sports utility vehicle (SUV) in its lineup.

At 4.2 metres long, it is slightly longer than its funky rival, the MINI Countryman. But size aside, Audi hopes that the Q2 will win over buyers with its customisation options.

Components such as the car’s grille, lower bumper edges, wheel arches and C-pillars are available in three versions, depending on the trim line chosen.

Despite being the “baby” of the range, the Q2 can still be specified with higher-end goodies such as Audi’s virtual cockpit, adaptive cruise control and traffic jam assist.

Engine options for Singapore haven’t been finalised, but the turbocharged 1-litre 3-cylinder producing 116bhp and turbocharged 1.4-litre 4-pot with cylinder-on-demand technology delivering 150bhp are the most likely to be sold here.

The Q2 will arrive in the first half of next year.

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Funky C3

Aimed at younger drivers, Citroen’s new C3 is probably the most off beat and colourful contender in the European supermini segment today.

The C3’s daytime running lights resemble the C4 Picasso MPV’s, while its doors feature the Airbump panels found on the C4 Cactus. The C3 has an optional two-tone paint scheme, with its roof available in one of three hues.

The C3’s interior comes in one of four design schemes, which Citroen calls Ambiences. Depending on the one chosen, certain parts will be painted or wrapped in textile or TEP lining.

The cabin’s most unique feature is ConnectedCAM Citroen, a built-in full-HD camera. Positioned behind the rear view mirror, it lets drivers snap photos or shoot videos for up to 20 seconds at a touch of a button.

For security, the camera automatically begins recording video in the event of a collision. The stored content is accessed via the ConnectedCAM app.

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Kombi Bed

Children usually like to stay up later than they should, but this is one bed that will make kids (especially little petrolheads) want to turn in early.

Crafted by Portuguese furniture company Circu, the custom-made Bun Van is modelled after the iconic Volkswagen Type 2. Its exterior is built from fibreglass and has chrome-plated finishes, while the interior is finished with real Palisander wood veneers.

Apart from a bed, there’s a sofa in the front cabin, several storage compartments and a minibar, which will probably be filled with milk and cookies rather than gin and tonic.

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Tristar Cart

 If you’ve ever wanted to drive a “sports car” onto the greens, you can now do so with the Mercedes-Benz Style Edition Garia Golf Car.

The cart’s name is as long as its list of unique features, which include a large, curved glass windscreen, carbon fibre roof and a spoiler that doubles as a golf bag holder.

Other useful touches include a storage tray for golf balls, a refrigerator beneath the bench seat and a 10.1-inch “tablet” that can display vehicle information, the golf course’s layout and the player’s scorecard.

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Flashy Footwear

BMW Designworks collaborated with Puma to create the X-Cat Disc, a sneaker inspired by the German manufacturer’s shape-shifting GINA concept car.

The shoes are constructed using lightweight and breathable materials with a metallic finish. The upper portion is tightened using Puma’s Disc system, which is perfect for folks who find tying shoelaces a little too troublesome.

Said system only requires the wearer to turn a knob on either shoe, which pulls a series of wires to tighten the material and create a snug fit around his or her foot.