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LEE HUI-LING - I have never read a single copy of Torque previously, although hubby has been a loyal fan for years. To me, the magazine’s technical lingo is just not for feminine types.

However, as I was clearing out our junkpile of six months’ worth of magazines, I casually flipped through your March 2016 issue, whose SUV Special caught my eye. We’re shopping for a new SUV and the issue just blew me away!

I found myself leaving my stack of old magazines to read the SUV Special write-ups from page to page. I was surprised that the articles are not too technical for a non-car person like me, and I appreciated the personal perspectives that the writers brought to their stories. The comparisons are also thorough and the systematic layout offers an easy reference.

Considering that we spend $150k to $200k on average for an SUV, with only about 20 minutes of test drive (or none at all if you’re buying from a parallel importer) before we ink the deal, the least we could do for ourselves is to read as many professional opinions as possible to minimise our risk of a bad and regretful investment. Thus, the Group Test tops my fave list in Torque.

At the end of my magazine clearing session, I found myself carting all the old copies of Torque back into the house, instead of to the karang guni pile.

Hubby is extremely surprised (shocked!) that I can now hold a decent conversation (argument!) when I defend my car choice. In the past, he was the decision maker.

He can’t decide whether or not this is a blessing to him, but he is at least happy that with me sharing the magazine now, his average cost per read has been slashed by half. In his view, definitely a worthy investment!

Torque Thanks for your candid e-mail, which gave our editorial team a turbo boost. We’ll continue to do our best with our Group Test section, which has been well received by readers such as yourself.. You might wish to consider a Torque digital subscription (, so as to reduce your pile of old magazines. Once again, thanks for writing in.

LAM HOON LEONG - I do not like cars that are too high-tech, so I would rather drive a mass-market Japanese model.

Torque This issue has several new cars that are not too high-tech, such as the Kia Carens (pg 48), Toyota Fortuner (pg 64) and SsangYong Tivoli (pg 69).

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NURUL ASIF - I’m a reader of your reputable Torque magazine. In Bangladesh, Torque is rarely available, which is why I can’t get every issue. How can I get the print version of your magazine every month in my country?

Torque Our colleagues in our circulation department will check the postage charges to Bangladesh and give you a quote for one year’s subscription to Torque. Thanks for your support.

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JO LOW - I prefer the “Caption The Photo” contests on Torque’s Facebook page, because they’re more fun and require a bit of creative effort, unlike your usual “Guess The Car!” contests, where most of us just copy other people’s guesses/answers.

Torque We know about the “second-guessing”, ha. But we’re happy to engage netizens with unique and interesting content on social media and our website,

My Reading Room
My Reading Room

IAN SIK - Sold my 2011 Passat for a C-Class. I miss the zippiness of the Passat, whose peppy 1.8-litre engine was nice for day-to-day driving. Besides getting the dual-clutch replaced twice for juddering, it was a pretty decent car and good bang for my buck.

Torque Thanks for your “ex-owner” response to our online article comparing the new Volkswagen Passat with the old one.