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Imagine getting a puncture while you’re on your way to an important meeting. Or worse, having a puncture while driving along a dark and lonely road. These are scenarios that no driver – no matter how experienced – will ever want to encounter. 

Now, what if you could have a mechanic within your tyre itself – someone who can respond immediately to a puncture by automatically repairing the intruded surface. 
Pirelli’s SEAL INSIDE technology allows you to continue driving without losing air in the 
event that the tyre is pierced by up to 4mm. 
A protective sheath embedded on the inside of the tyre envelopes the external body and prevents a loss of pressure. The same rubber sealant that constitutes the sheath blocks the exit “wound” when the external object is removed. 
When 85% of all accidental causes of loss of tyre pressure are attributable to piercing by an external object, the importance of SEAL INSIDE cannot be understated. 
In the event of a blowout or similar 
occurrence, Pirelli’s Run-Flat technology maintains the tyre’s structural integrity and allows the vehicle to continue operating safely under the driver’s control. 
The reinforced sidewalls in Pirelli’s run- flat tyres allow the vehicle to continue being driven for 80km at up to 80km/h to find a safe place for a replacement, removing the need to execute a dangerous tyre change in a vulnerable position by the side of a busy road. 
Apart from flat tyres, another unpleasant reality that drivers have to deal with is road noise. Road noise interrupts our conversations and ruins our enjoyment of music. 
Pirelli’s unique Noise Cancelling System (PNCS) reduces road noise by up to 25%, delivering an ambience of serenity demanded by luxury carmakers and their discerning clientele. 
Specially developed sound absorbing materials integrated within the tyre preserve your vehicle’s cocoon of peace by effectively damping out vibrations in the air. 
As pristine as our vehicles are, the surfaces on which they travel deliver a constant assault of potential damage. Having your car incapacitated, or worse, rendered suddenly uncontrollable by an unexpected puncture or loss of tyre pressure is a situation that is most distressing. 
Tyres, as the primary interface between your vehicle and the road, are arguably 
the most important part of the vehicle. 
Pirelli’s devotion to meeting its customer’s needs and demands ensure that yours are built to deliver the utmost in performance, refinement and security. 
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SILENT PARTNER Pirelli Noise Cancelling System reduces road noise by up to 25 percent.