Whether it is the latest innovation or impeccable aftersales service, Volkswagen Singapore is committed to delivering the best to its customers.

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Whether it is the latest innovation or impeccable aftersales service, Volkswagen Singapore is committed to delivering the best to its customers.

The most expedient business arrangement is not always the most ideal one for the consumer. It is this customer-centric mantra that led to Volkswagen setting up its own direct, manufac-turer-owned dealership in Singapore in 2007. Ten years on, it remains the only car brand that does not rely on a third-party to import, sell or service its cars.

From building showrooms and workshops to training consultants and technicians, this is a hefty outlay for sure. But it is the only way Volkswagen can provide the proper brand ex-perience and guarantee that customers always come first. Which is why it comes as no surprise that the marque has been a runaway success, with sales increasing multifold over the inter-vening decade.

The promise of a great experience starts even before you take out your chequebook. Apart from its flagship store on the prime Al-exandra Road automotive mile, Volkswagen has invested in a second facility at Kampung Ampat. Both centres come with aftersales and workshop services, which means more conven-ience for prospective and existing owners.

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Customers can drive their cars with confidence that Volkswagen is with them every step of the way.

The most difficult part, then, is deciding which Volkswagen model to drive home. In order to meet every need, the marque strives to bring in as many types of cars as it can; in 2010, it launched 14 models, including the Touran, the Golf Mk 6 and the second generation Touareg.

The bulk of its latest products is built on a revolutionary concept called MQB, which stands for Modular Transverse Matrix in German. In plain English, it means construction of its cars is standardised across the Volkswagen Group. For example, the Volkswagen Tiguan and the Audi Q2 share the same platform. This pioneering technology holds many benefits for the customer, such as weight savings, better quality control and unparalleled cabin space.

The cream on the top: MQB speeds up the rollout of state-of-the-art features throughout the entire range. Indeed, many functions once part of the science fiction realm are today’s reality in Volkswagen cars. Like the myriad driver assistance systems that make driving so much safer and more comfortable, for instance: Front Assist with City Emergency Braking that prevents low-speed fender benders; Adaptive Cruise Control that reduces the stress of driving in heavy highway traffic; and Park Assist that takes out all the guesswork in manoeuvring into a tight lot.

This technology leadership extends to the heart of every Volkswagen car: the engine. Its cutting-edge petrol TSI and diesel TDI motors very cleverly combines two simple ideas: turbocharging to increase power and torque, and downsizing engine capacity to improve fuel economy and reduce carbon emissions. The engine also features high-pressure fuel injection to further optimise performance through improved combustion efficiency. So impressive is the TSI engine that its twincharger predecessor won the highly respected “Engine of the Year” award in 2009.


The ownership experience does not just end here. As a testament to the high standards set by Volkswagen, every passenger car is covered by a comprehensive warranty package. Should you experience, say, a flat tyre on the road, help is at hand in the form of complimentary 24/7 roadside assistance service. Servicing is free for the first three years or up to 45,000km. With these industry-leading initiatives, customers can drive their cars with confidence that Volkswagen is with them every step of the way.

A holistic aftersales service offering rounds up the package. Take, for example, Express Friday. Instead of waiting around for your car to be serviced, Volkswagen will whisk you away for three hours to a mall so that you can pamper yourself watching a film or catching up with shopping. All regular service appointments will be confirmed within three working days – failing which your car will be picked up and delivered to you, gratis.

These thoughtful touches result in just about the best customer service to be had anywhere – whether in the car industry or elsewhere.

Proof, then, that Volkswagen’s astute investment in building up its direct dealership in the country is bearing fruit.

Says Ricky Tay, managing director of Volkswagen Group Singapore: “The relationship with the customer does not end after the new car keys are collected; in fact, that’s exactly where it begins. We have and will continue to invest in efficiency, quality service, workflow and processes to ensure that our customers enjoy a seamless ownership journey with us.

“The new 5-year warranty programme is also an assurance to our customers that Volkswagen has absolute trust and confidence in the performance of our cars. With this 5-year warranty programme, our customers are assured that we are always there for them as their partner for good throughout their ownership journey.”
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