Luxury carmaker Aston Martin dips its wheels into motorcycles with the AMB 001.

Portrait of Tammy Strobel

Now, this is a motorcycle James Bond would ride. After announcing its existence last year, British marque Aston Martin and Brough Superior recently unveiled the track-only superbike AMB 001 on the racetracks for the first time.

With a body machined from pure carbon fibre, the AMB 001’s uniqueness lies in its 1.0-litre turbocharged engine – a first for production motorcycles. The AMB 001’s two-wheeled contemporaries are all naturally aspirated because of the immense engineering challenge of installing a turbocharger into a small engine.

The AMB 001, limited to 100 units, is now being tested on the racetracks. While undoubtedly an extremely good-looking piece of machinery, only time will tell if Aston Martin and Brough Superior managed to overcome the engineering hurdles.

The AMB 001 is tagged at 108,000 euros (S$170,000). 

Text Farhan Shah