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Skincare Regime versus Aesthetic Brightening Procedures

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Skincare Regime versus Aesthetic Brightening Procedures

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Have you ever thought of improving your skin with aesthetic treatments? With technological advancements, there is now a multitude of treatments promising to brighten, tone and lift skin for a more youthful look and radiant complexion. From Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) to radio frequency and laser treatments, such aesthetic procedures have become the go-to solutions to common beauty bugbears such as uneven skin tone and problem pigmentation.

Beauty at a cost

While these treatments have become commonplace, they are not without their drawbacks. The side effects, long downtime and high cost associated with some procedures may prove discouraging to those who want to improve their looks. Some people may require multiple sessions to see results or to maintain the desired result.

Sensitive skin, beware

People with sensitive skin who undergo aesthetic treatments may find that their skin has become more sensitive, requiring more care and protection aft er each session. Dark spots that disappear after brightening and laser treatments may darken again.

A new era in brightening skincare

To deal with stubborn spots and dull skin in a safe and noninvasive way, Shiseido introduces the new White Lucent range, which marries the benefits of cosmetic brightening procedures with cutting-edge skincare technology. Four new products have been formulated to fight dark spots and strengthen the skin’s resistance to prevent the appearance of future spots.

Diminish spots and dullness

Inspired by professional cosmetic procedures such as laser therapy, IPL, iontophoresis and brightening drips, each new White Lucent product has individual formulations and technologies to treat spots and melanin-related problems.

The future is bright

They also prevent the formation of new spots. To improve melanin resistance, all incorporate Shiseido’s exclusive SAKURAResist Technology which is derived from Japanese cherry blossoms. Since exposure to UV rays and external stimuli can signal melanocytes (melanin-producing cells) to churn out excessive melanin, Shiseido has developed this technology to suppress the signals received by the melanocytes; this, in turn, reduces the appearance of dark spots.

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White lucent luminizing infuser

Deals with stubborn spots

Like multivitamin brightening drips that are said to deliver brightening components directly into the blood vessels, this softener is designed to deliver ingredients deep into skin for a more radiant complexion. Powered by Deep Infuse Technology, it softens the skin surface to promote absorption of brightening ingredients and lighten dark spots.

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White lucent microtargeting spot corrector

Targets scattered spots

Inspired by laser treatments, the Microtargeting Spot Corrector targets tiny, scattered spots all over the skin with the new MicroTarget Technology. It optimises skin-cell turnover, reduces excess melanin and improves resistance against future pigmentation. The result? A clear, glowing complexion!

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White lucent luminizing surge

Targets reappearance of spots

Spots may disappear after professional laser spot therapy, only to reappear after a while. Inspired by iontophoresis, this night emulsion’s Luminizing Surge Technology helps prolong the efficacy of brightening treatments by protecting your skin with an ion veil and aiding its barrier function. Skin is instantly soothed and shielded from external aggressors, while allowing benefi cial skincare ingredients to penetrate it.

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White lucent multibright night cream

Addresses multiple skin concerns

Taking a page from IPL treatments, this night cream’s Multibright Technology helps skin resist excessive melanin production for brightness and radiance. It promotes what the brand terms the “Moonlight Recharge Factor”, which nurtures skin to protect it from damage, thereby reducing the appearance of spots, scars and enlarged pores.

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“My husband and other family members have commented that my skin is fairer and more radiant since I started to use White Lucent products. One particular dark spot on my cheek has also visibly lightened!” Founder of children’s lifestyle store Oh Happy Fry, Rae Yun @theramengirl

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“My skin texture has definitely improved, and I can see visible results after just two weeks of use. I feel that my complexion is more radiant now. I’m impressed because I did not expect it to work so fast on my acne-prone skin.” Founder of The Juice Market, Sophia Chong @sophia chong

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“After I started using the White Lucent range, my family and friends said that my skin looked brighter and more radiant. The products give my skin the right amount of moisture, and their light fl oral scent makes my skin smell amazing the entire day.” Co-owner of Wit X Folly, Goh Si Pei @ohhdivine

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“My skin remains hydrated even after I’ve slept in an air-conditioned room, and in the morning, my dark circles are lighter. The uneven skin tone over my cheeks is also not as obvious as before. Some people even think I have makeup on when I don’t!” KISS 92 FM DJ and host, Charmaine Yee @yeecharmaine

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