The Four Types of Teachers You'll never Forget

From schoolmarms to classroom angels, SEED Institute sheds light on what makes these four iconic types of early childhood professionals so unforgettable – and the reasons behind them all.

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From schoolmarms to classroom angels, SEED Institute sheds light on what makes these four iconic types of early childhood professionals so unforgettable – and the reasons behind them all.
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The Tough Cookie

She walks into a room and your eyes get a little bigger, your spine gets a little straighter, and everyone goes quiet… Yup, when it comes to The Tough Cookie, you know better than to misbehave or step out of line, because she definitely won’t hesitate to show you who’s the boss if you do! Unlike the resident softies at school, she’s immune to your puppy dog eyes. In fact, the only thing that works with this iron lady is results. But guess what? She might be fearsome, but there’s nothing more gratifying than that one day when she laughed at something you said, or praised you for your work.

Chow Yun Hui says…“Throwing toys are not allowed in my class! Although it might seem like playfulness, students could accidentally hurt their classmates with such rambunctious behaviour – even though it might not be their intention to do so. After explaining why they shouldn’t be doing that, I’ll usually give the child a timeout. They need some time to calm down in order to think about their actions and refl ect on what I had just taught them. It’s my hope that from this, they will learn and grow."

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The Saintly Sofie

From day one of school, when you were most scared and confused, The Saintly Softie always knew how to put you at ease. Her gentle demeanour and calm presence made you feel safe and cared for, and you trusted her to be a source of encouragement and comfort from the get-go. Even when you pushed her buttons and tested her limits, she never went much further beyond a quiet, controlled reprimand. At the end of the day, her endless patience made you want to be good, for goodness’ sake! Sure, she may have taught you the curriculum, but at the end of the day, the biggest lesson you learnt from her was that kindness is its own reward.

Nor Farina binte Khamis says… “I love playing with the children in my centre. While it might seem easy and effortless to have fun with students, it’s actually not easy to become an angel in the childrens’ heart. No matter how tired I am, I always make the effort to give them my best attention and maintain a bright smile throughout the day, so that they will find me approachable at all times. For me, all the hard work pays off when I see my students smiling back at me.”

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The Substitute Mum

Not quite as stern as The Tough Cookie, or as sweet-tempered as The Saintly Softie, the teacher who most reminded you of your mum was always somewhere in between. She definitely wouldn’t just put up with your tantrums without taking you down a peg or two, but if you happened to fall, or accidentally mess up your precious art project, she was also the one who was always there with a comforting word (and sometimes a plaster, too). Her practical, straightforward approach also meant that when it came to classroom teasing, The Substitute Mum wasn’t afraid to make a friendly joke at your expense – just like mum would do at home!

Goh Xiao Ting says…“One little secret is that children love to receive gifts during a festive period, like some cute stickers, stamps or stationery. The best part is, even such little things are enough to make their day! Seeing them happy and excited makes me feel happy too.”

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The Quirky Creative

Whether it was through song, dance or by incorporating unexpected surprises into her lessons, The Quirky Creative was the teacher who taught you to think outside the box. While you were still getting to know the world, she helped to ignite your curiosity about all the weird and wonderful things in it. And under her tutelage, lesson time was always a ball of fun. A constant source of inspiration and enthusiasm, she’s also the one who showed you what it means to have passion and motivation at work. So why not strive to be like her now?

‘Amirah Abu Samah says…“I believe learning should not be restricted to the curriculum. For instance, during a recent rainy day, there was a student looking out the window. I wanted to reprimand the child for being distracted, but then I realised it was a great moment for incidental learning to take place instead. So I gathered the students to the window and asked them to tell me their observations. They pointed out people holding colourful umbrellas, the different vehicles driving past and birds flying around for shelter. It was a fruitful lesson for them, and it reminded me to not restrict their learning experiences.”

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