The Five Shopping Mistakes You Always Make... and How to Fix Them!

Suffering from buyer’s remorse? You’re not alone...

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Suffering from buyer’s remorse? You’re not alone...
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Whether you’re a seasoned shopper or an impulse buyer, that sinking feeling of “Why on earth did I buy that?!” is something that afflicts us all. And it’s not just our wallet that suffers the consequences of our unwise decisions – too much buyer’s remorse and you’ll find yourself constantly moaning, “I have nothing to wear”, even though you might have a wardrobe that’s bursting with clothes.

#FirstWorldProblems, we know. That’s why, as part of its Earth Day initiatives, 313@somerset is sharing the five most common shopping mistakes to show us how we can make smarter, more sustainable choices for our pockets, and our planet.

Mistake #1

You wanted to “treat yourself”

Pay day? Chinese New Year? Hari Raya? When you’re suddenly feeling flushed with cash, it’s really tempting to tell yourself you “deserve” a nice little treat. And all of a sudden, you’re scouring the shops and walking away with a gorgeous new maxi dress that looks amazing on you, even though you don’t have an event coming up to flaunt yourself in it. In fact, you don’t really wear maxi dresses… at all. Moral of the story – instant gratification and longterm satisfaction usually don’t go hand in hand.

Mistake #2

What is a size “M”, anyway?

Ooh, check out that cute top that just went on sale online! And it’s available in UK size 10. Yay! But wait, why does it also say US size 4? That doesn’t seem right. But you’ve bought a top from this store before in UK size 10 and it worked, so you trust that it will fit perfectly. Except, when it arrives, it doesn’t. You’re not even sure how it can be possible that the sleeves can be too tight, while the neck and shoulders are too big. And since returning it is such a hassle, it just ends up in your closet, unworn, along with that pile of clothes you just don’t really wear.

Mistake #3

You fell into the “spend and save” trap

Beware the lure of the so-called “good deal”. Yes, you may have found a cute skirt on the sale rack for a price you can’t believe, but wait a minute – don’t you have two other skirts just like that at home? Also, remember that credit card bonuses are great when they help you save cash on necessary expenses, but don’t use the promise of extra savings or shopping rewards as an excuse to spend more than you intended to.

Mistake #4

You caved in to peer pressure

“Hey, I’m going to order some stuff from this online store! Want to buy some stuff so we can save on shipping together?” At first, this sounds like a brilliant plan. Why not combine orders with a buddy to save on expensive shipping costs? Even better, sometimes, your total order qualifies for free shipping. Can someone say, “YES!”? This definitely can work out and both of you will end up with a haul you’re satisfied with. But truth be told, there’s also a reason why your friend was scoping out that website, while it wasn’t even on your radar (until she brought it up). Maybe the styles suit her better, or the sizes don’t really work for you, or you just didn’t really need anything new. Unfortunately, by the time you realise this, it’s too little, too late. Sigh…

Mistake #5

It wasn’t quite “as seen on screen”

A dress in the season’s hottest colour, featuring that trendy detail you’ve been dying to try out for months… If there was ever a time to click “Add to Cart”, it’s right now. Plus, there’s no way that cut can go wrong on you, and the fabric looks amazing in the live catwalk video! OK, you’re sold. But weeks later, when you finally receive that coveted item in the mail, you realise the cut is different than you thought it would be. (They must have pinned it on the model.) And the print doesn’t look quite as nice as it did on screen. (It must have been the photography.) And… is it my skin tone, or does this particular shade make me look sickly? (Perhaps it was the lighting.) Oh well, another one bites the dust.


Say bye-bye to your shopping boo-boos and hello to fab fashion finds at 313@somerset’s Green & Gorgeous Fashion Swap 2016.

Guess what? You’re not the only girl in the world who has made a shopping mistake (or, erm, many). And chances are, what’s “out” for you is totally “haute” on someone else. So why not make a swap? That’s what 313@somerset’s Green & Gorgeous Fashion Swap is all about. Not only will you get to declutter your wardrobe and score new swag, you’ll also get to take part in a recycling exercise that supports a more sustainable earth.

Here’s how it works:


At the designated collection point, all qualifying items* will be sorted into four categories according to their estimated value – “Good”, “Good-as-new”, “Mint”, and a brand new category, “Tag-along”, which is exclusively for unwanted items that have never been worn before.


Once the items are received, you will be given an equivalent tag for each item, allowing you to swap other items of the same type and category during the Green & Gorgeous Fashion Swap.


It’s time for the swap party! Join in the fun and start searching for a new find to take home with you. The best part? You don’t have to pay a single cent.

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