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Experience the harmony of nature through your five senses at the innisfree Jeju House.

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Experience the harmony of nature through your five senses at the innisfree Jeju House.
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Fresh air, sunlight, and lush greenery – these are common sights on Jeju Island, where the innisfree Jeju House is located. Built in 2013, the brand house serves to bring visitors close to nature and educate them on innisfree’s commitment to preserving the beauty and benefits of nature through eco-friendly practices. So step out of your busy lives and into the innisfree Jeju House where you can experience health and beauty through your five senses.

Organic Green Café

Taste the authentic flavours of Jeju.

As the saying goes, “you are what you eat”, so it only makes sense to pay close attention to what we put into our bodies. At the Organic Green Café in the innisfree Jeju House, you’ll get to taste only the freshest organic ingredients that are unique to Jeju Island. Try the Jeju Seaweed Noodle Soup with Fishcake (and Jeju Green Rice Ball), and Jeju Hallabong Blender. And don’t forget to drop by the deli for tea and jam from Jeju Island.

The Five Senses Of Jeju House

See The Jeju House has floor-to-ceiling glass window panels, so you’ll get to admire the surrounding lush green tea fields.

Hear Hang around the alfresco area and listen to leaves rustling, birds chirping and the gentle sea breeze.

Touch At the Jeju House, you’ll get to make natural soap bars with your own hands using ingredients from the island.

Smell Let the soothing natural scents of camellia and green tea put you at ease the moment you step foot into the Jeju House.

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Natural Soap Making Zone

Bring a piece of Jeju home with you when you make your own soap.

Feel, smell, and see the natural ingredients that go into making innisfree’s natural soaps at the Natural Soap Making Zone in the innisfree Jeju House. That’s right, you’ll get to fashion chemical-free soaps with your own hands out of all-natural ingredients like green tea, tangerine and volcanic clay. The end-product is a unique, personalised gift for yourself or your family and friends.

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Cosmetic Experience Zone

Come face-to-face with the all-natural ingredients found in innisfree’s products.

If you want to know more about the natural ingredients in your innisfree products, the Cosmetic Experience Zone at the innisfree Jeju House is the place to be. This interactive area lets you learn more about the growth, harvest and lifespan of ingredients like the jeju green tea, canola, tangerine and volcanic clay. You’ll also get to take in the subtle scents of the various distilled essential oils, and go hands-on with all the ingredients.

Taste :Tantalise your tastebuds with Jeju’s freshest and finest ingredients at the organic cafe inside the Jeju House.

Time To Get Hands-on!

Curious about the soap making process but can’t find the time to head down to the innisfree Jeju House? Don’t worry – innisfree’s sixth store at VivoCity will have a soap making zone where you can try it out for yourself.