A modern home that fulfils storage and fengshui needs, yet still looks stylish.

Portrait of Tammy Strobel

As a newly-wed couple, the homeowners longed for a cosy home with a touch of hotel luxury, where they could settle down and start a family.

Prior to the revamp of their apartment, it was rather plain and simple, so the couple tasked The Orange Cube with overseeing the renovation to achieve their dream home. They requested plenty of storage space, as well as adherence to fengshui requirements provided by a fengshui master.

Throughout the apartment, the designers made use of a neutral colour palette comprising beige, grey and black, in line with their clients’ desired modern theme. To achieve an understated luxe look, they added rose gold accents.

A large fur rug and a selection of throw cushions and blankets bring a sense of warmth and cosiness, but it is the sheer drapes that soften the look of the living room.

Separate spaces for the dry and wet kitchens meant each space was limited, so the homeowners decided to convert them into a full wet kitchen leading from the foyer to the dining area. To get rid of odd corners and maximise storage space per the clients’ request, the designers chose to include built-in appliances, such as the oven and wine chiller.

As for the unused space by several bay windows in the bedrooms, the designers converted those areas into comfortable settee spots with customised storage. This way, the homeowners have the option of lounging by the window, and can also use the space to keep any clutter out of sight.

In contrast to the master bedroom, dark grey tiles were used throughout the bathroom. The homeowners felt that its hinged swing door was cumbersome, so the designers shifted the bathroom entrance slightly to accommodate a sliding door – a much sleeker option.

The renovation of this apartment, furniture and appliances included, cost $85,000.
My Reading Room
A couple in their 30s HOME Three-bedroom condominium apartment SIZE 1,250sqf
My Reading Room

Potted plants were added to the bathroom for a touch of nature, to lend a resort-like ambience.


Rose goldcoloured metal strips used in the master bedroom’s feature wall add to the luxurious feel.


The designers sourced the sleek marble countertop and backsplash in the kitchen from Co-top, as well as fittings from Hafary.


The blue painting brings a sense of calmness and serenity to the apartment.