Scientifically and thoughtfully designed ergonomic products for your well-being and posture care.

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Scientifically and thoughtfully designed ergonomic products for your well-being and posture care.
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If your body is feeling worn out and your back and shoulder muscles are aching, it may mean that your sitting position and posture need adjustments. Ergoworks, one of Asia’s leading brands in holistic ergonomic and posture wellness solutions, offers an extensive range of high quality, comfortable and user-friendly products equipped with functional features and health benefits.

The wide selection of products include Zero Gravity Massage Recliner, desk bike, motorised heightadjustable desk, sit-stand desk converter, ergonomic chairs, spinal protection backpack, anti-fatigue standing mat and other postural support devices. Customers can also go for the ergonomic screening and assessment service provided.

Relax, Recharge, Rejuvenate We spend long hours every day working at our desks.

Prolonged seating has been proven to increase the risk of health issues, including heart diseases and diabetes.

Invest in Varidesk’s height-adjustable Sit Stand Desk Converter, which gives you the option to work while standing up. This simple change is likely to help boost metabolism, prevent sitting-related health issues, and even possibly lead to increased productivity!

To truly recharge, make yourself comfortable with ergonomic solutions. For a good night’s rest, let the Ergoworks Dual Plus Pillow offer support for your neck and back muscles. With a unique design that has builtin “spines”, the pillow aims to ensure a relaxed spine and the right posture while you sleep, in order to prevent problems like backaches and muscle strains. Good posture also keeps your airway open and prevents snoring and sinus problems.

Lounge in the Ergoworks Zero Gravity Massage Recliner after a long day at work. This seat will recline into a ZeroG position, one that Nasa discovered as ideal for launching astronauts. That’s because when your body is weightless, it adopts a natural “S” curve; your feet and legs are on a level above your heart, and your spine is horizontal, with no stress on the vertebrae. This is an ideal massage position as blood moves backwards towards your core and your heart rate goes down.

In this way, you’ll benefit from deeper and relaxed breathing through expanded lung capacity. The recliner also aids in relaxation by helping to decompress the spine, relieve muscle tension and fatigue, and improve blood circulation.

Experience these products at the Ergoworks booth at the Home & Decor Fair. The Zero Gravity Massage Recliner retails at a promotional price of $3,699 per unit (U.P. $4,999), inclusive of GST, delivery and installation.

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