Cristina Jorge de Carvalho’s timeless and luxurious designs are featured in her newly launched showroom and atelier.

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Located in a late 19th century building on Avenida da Liberdade in the Portuguese capital of Lisbon is the showroom and atelier of Cristina Jorge de Carvalho. Founded in 2000, Atelier Cristina Jorge de Carvalho - Arquitetura e Design de Interiores has a portfolio that includes projects ranging from private residences and hotels to high-end boutiques. The awardwinning designer is known for a style that balances clean lines with a play of volumes, materials and textures to create contemporary interiors that also reflect the clients’ personalities and lifestyles.

The building in Lisbon had been entirely refurbished, before the showroom and atelier was set up. The architectural language was preserved, along with the tall windows, wooden shutters and stuccoed ceilings. To be redecorated once or twice a year, the 3,229 sq ft (300 sq m) space showcases Cristina’s work and signature style.

As a natural extension of her work in creating bespoke pieces for clients, she launched her own furniture collection in 2014. The newly decorated showroom features many pieces from her latest “Black is Back” line.

The centrepiece in the main room is Off The Wall, a modular curved sofa that contrasts with the rectilinear lines of the space and its architectural treatment. Other elements in the main room, such as the organic silhouette of the vintage armchair and the sculptural forms of the Threesome Coffee Table and Diamond Side Table, also break away from the rectilinear envelope.

The play in contrasts extends to the materials, from the  sofa’s linen upholstery and stainless steel legs, and the Threesome Coffee Table’s Calacatta marble, stainless steel and lacquered finish combination, to the shaggy texture of the Burnt Taupe rug, also designed by Cristina.

Taking its cue from the main room, the second room sees black pieces incorporated against a backdrop comprising white walls and ceiling, and atop a white Berber floor rug. It has been transformed into an elegant bureau, with the Black Out Desk in black and embossed leather as the focal piece.

The monochromatic scheme is augmented by a spot of gold in the form of an Atollo Lamp and complemented by the earthy brown of Mies van der Rohe’s BRNO vintage chairs. The round OH Table in the dining room echoes the room’s circular form, while the green and blue palette of the vintage chairs, Saarinen Executive Chairs and the Moody Blues rug from Cristina’s collection reflect the colours of spring. Artworks from Cristina Guerra Contemporary Art were selected to complement the black and white interior concept.

For Cristina, inspiration can be found everywhere - a work of art, a piece of music, even a fallen leaf. Her travels, life experiences and background have also influenced her as a designer, shaping her brand of aesthetics where exclusivity meets timeless luxury.

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The curvilinear shape of the Off The Wall sofa pays homage to the 1970s. Even the Al Fresco bookshelf is quite unlike any other, with its use of exotic leather in contrast with ton-sur-ton iron.
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Good to know

Cristina rose to fame when her design for Hotel Altis Prime in Portugal won the Best Hotel Interiors award at the International Design Awards.
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The Atollo table lamp in the study is an icon of Italian design. Designed by Vico Magistretti in 1977, its geometric shapes comprising a cylinder, cone and hemisphere are both decorative and functional at the same time.

The Moody Blues rug in the dining room is handmade in Portugal and reflects Cristina’s contemporary yet timeless style.
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This Non Smoking table is a gaming table with a leather top and a black-and-white lacquer board for games. The juxtaposition of contrasting materials injects a modern touch to a classic and pure form.


Cristina has managed to create a stunning bathroom using an allwhite marble palette with dramatic veins.

The sculptural silhouette of the Threesome Coffee Table creates visual intrigue. It is limited to only 30 pieces.
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