Forget unsightly sweat stains and body odour. Perspirex’s line of high-performance antiperspirants promises to keep you dry and fresh for up to five days.

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Perspiration is unfortunately something everyone is accustomed to, no thanks to Singapore’s unforgiving tropical climate. But luckily, we no longer have to suffer through the sweatiness and unbearable BO. 

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Introducing Perspirex: your trusted companion for those long days under the scorching sun. Specially formulated for individuals with special sweat-control needs and those who lead an active lifestyle, these antiperspirants promise superior protection against sweat and odour for up to five days after just one application. In other words, you’ll never have to sneakily excuse yourself to visit the restroom to reapply your deodorant ever again – how convenient!

From roll-ons to lotions, the range of fragrance-free antiperspirant products from Perspirex will have you covered. Each product is designed to suit different purposes and sweat control needs.

The Original Roll-on ($25) has remained the trusted choice of customers for over three decades, and is a top pick for those who need an extra helping hand in keeping sweat and odour at bay for a longer time. The brand’s original Apx skincare system also ensures no skin irritation for all users.

The Comfort Roll-on ($25) is Perspirex’s new and improved water-based formula that is gentle on skin. It provides protection against sweat and odour for up to three days with just one application – perfect for individuals who want to keep dry during routine activities. 

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Thanks to the Hand & Foot Lotion ($26.85), sweaty palms and feet will be a thing of the past. This unique high-strength formula has aluminium chloride, a clinically proven active ingredient that provides effective protection against heavy sweating and odour. Bid farewell to clammy handshakes!

Perspirex is available at leading pharmacies, including Watsons, Guardian, and NTUC Unity, as well as Redmart. 

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Bye-bye, BO: Perspirex’s range of antiperspirants is a lifesaver for those long days in the sweltering heat.

From left: Comfort Roll-on, $25, Original Roll-on, $25, and Hand & Foot Lotion, $26.85. 


From May 22 to June 30, redeem a free Original Roll-On sample at with $20 purchase of personal care products.

From May 23 to June 5, mix and match any Perspirex products at Watsons to enjoy up to 25% off.

From June 6 to 19, buy any two Perspirex products at Watsons and get 50% off the second product. 

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