Breathe your way to better skin

Here’s a meditation technique that’ll calm you down and enhance your looks.

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Here’s a meditation technique that’ll calm you down and enhance your looks.
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A radiant complexion is something you probably strive to achieve through good lifestyle habits, such as getting enough sleep, staying hydrated, and eating healthy food.

Well, here’s another way to get gorgeous skin – and it doesn’t cost a cent. Los Angeles based kundalini yoga teacher Guru Jagat, who runs the RAMA Institute for Applied Yogic Science and Technology, and is adored by Hollywood celebs like Alicia Keys, Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn, has a beginner-friendly meditation that’ll help you regain and maintain youthfulness.

It is featured in her book Invincible Living: The Power of Yoga, The Energy of Breath, and Other Tools for a Radiant Life, which delves deep into kundalini yoga’s transformative benefits.

According to Guru Jagat, this type of yoga is about quick and effective breath-driven exercises, short meditations and simple poses. Simply follow these steps:
1. Sit in a simple cross-legged position with hands on your knees and the tips of your fingers and thumbs touching.

2. Keep your eyes closed and focus on the point in between your brows.

3. Roll your tongue backwards in your mouth so the bottom of your tongue is flat against the roof of your mouth. Begin sucking on it. In a short time, a nectar-like taste will start to flow – just drink it.

4. Breathe normally throughout, evenly inhaling and exhaling. Do the exercise for three minutes, and slowly increase the length of time to 31 minutes with practise.

The rationale behind this meditation, according to Guru Jagat, is that our saliva is a powerful endocrine secretion that carries antibodies and proteins that increase health and youthfulness.

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