Give your child a head start by unlocking the full potential of their right brain. Learn how at Heguru Method.

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Give your child a head start by unlocking the full potential of their right brain. Learn how at Heguru Method.

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Do you know that there is a brain-training programme that can revolutionise the way we learn? When applied to early childhood training, tapping into the potential of learning with their right brain can be a game-changer for kids. This brain-training programme is the Heguru Training Method.

“We strongly believe in the right-brain training programme of Heguru Method and its benefits. We feel that every child in Singapore should be exposed to this learning method to unlock the full potential of their right brain,” says Agnes Ng, the principal of Heguru Method Centres at HarbourFront and Choa Chu Kang.

At Heguru Method, all teachers are specially trained and certified by HEGL founders, undergoing vigorous training using specialised training materials specific to right-brain and whole-brain training. The centres are also helmed by vice-principals Rachel Pei and Claire Ng, who have many years of experience in early childhood care and education.


A balanced and successful individual should develop both sides of their brain equally. The programmes at Heguru Method tap on right-brain training from a young age as it is able to quickly process vast amounts of information intuitively which, in turn, helps boost the function of the left brain when the child is later exposed to traditional learning methods.

The Heguru Method aims to nurture kids to be positive, confident and happy learners with better memory skills that will enable them to learn at an accelerated pace, in order to excel in all aspects of life.


Little ones as young as six months old can begin rightbrain training. At Heguru Method, there are programmes to suit kids of every age group. The Infant & Toddler class (six months to three years old) aims to steer the right brain to0 create mental connections through visual aids and enlarging the brain capacity of the child. The Preschool I and Preschool II (four to six years old) classes help children establish connections between the left and right sides of the brain. They are able to process information quickly and are able to express and comprehend ideas well. Students learn through storytelling, worksheets and handicrafts.

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