6 Fun And New Ways To Get Fit

From boxing to trampolining to spinning, The Weekly breaks down the top fitness trends according to your workout personality.

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From boxing to trampolining to spinning, The Weekly breaks down the top fitness trends according to your workout personality.

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Total Gym Bunny

Women’s Boxing Class at Spartans Boxing Club.

If you think real women shouldn’t throw punches, then this powerful class will make you change your mind. If you’re already a veteran gym-goer and know your way around power cages and benches, move out of your comfort zone with a little closeup combat. Not convinced? Victoria’s Secret Angels, Gigi Hadid and Adriana Lima all swear by boxing to keep their bodies strong and lean. 

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Adrenaline Junkie

Bouncefit Cardio Burn Class at Kulture Studios.

We’ll let the experts speak for this one: “Trampolining is 70 per cent more effective at burning calories and increasing the heart rate than running or sprinting alone,” says Laura Fitzpatrick, Studio Consultant at GuavaPass Singapore. “It’s also super low-impact, which is great for the lymphatic system. So, I think this one’s going to be huge in 2017.” 

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Mindful Meditator

Hot Hatha at Sweatbox Yoga.

Stress less by making your workout more mindful, and turn your awareness inside so you can reap the benefits of mental exercise. At Sweatbox, expect to Zen out at this gentle class that focuses on posture alignment to enhance muscle tone, flexibility, and calming the mind through the application of breath work and relaxation techniques. Namaste!

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Mega Marathoner

RunCamp at Momentum Bootcamps.

Calling all pavement pounders! Training for your next marathon is no joke, so prepare yourself in the best way possible at this bootcamp bonanza. Conducted at the Botanic Gardens, think of it as a travelling bootcamp for runners. The sessions are made up of mini strength-training stations tailored for running, sandwiched in between lots and lots of actual running. 

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Graceful Go-Getter

WeBarre Signature Multi-Level at WeBarre.

Turn your poise levels up a notch at this exhilarating workout inspired by ballet, yoga, Pilates and strength training. WeBarre’s signature class will give you a svelte and toned figure in next to no time at all. Look cool as you sweat it up with a full range of dynamic movements that allow you to build strength, grace and body control – just like a ballerina.

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Fit Fashionista

Anthem 45 Spin Class at Anthem.

Take athleisure to new heights at Anthem, where you’ll come to flaunt your designer gear but stay for their on-the-bike workouts that mashes cardio together with upper body and core work for a seriously slimming session. Either way, Anthem proves that spinning is here to stay, and continues to gather speed with a growing fan base in Singapore and the world. 

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