All The President’s Woman

Behind every man is a great woman, but in Donald Trump’s case, he’s got five.

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Behind every man is a great woman, but in Donald Trump’s case, he’s got five.

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DonalD Trump

The US President is the first American head of state to have been married three times. He also counts five children and eight grandchildren among his family.

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Ivana Trump

Czech fashion model Ivana was Donald’s first wife, and the couple had three kids before they parted ways in 1992 due to his torrid affair with Marla Maples. She is famously quoted as saying “Don’t get even, get everything” about Donald marries Ivana Zelnícková in a lavish her divorce. 

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MelanIa Trump

Melania is a former model who worked in Milan and Paris before moving to New York in 1996. Two years later, she met Donald at a Manhattan party but wouldn’t give him her number, and took his instead. Her shrewd move has made her the current First Lady of the United States. 

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Ivanka Trump

Ivanka is Donald’s second child with Ivana. The former model became executive VP of the Trump Organisation, and has her own jewellery and fashion line. She has temporarily stepped down from her businesses to relocate to Washington with husband Jared Kushner.

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Marla Maples

After his messy split, Donald married TV personality Marla and the two had one child together. The new marriage was not a happy one, and she was said to have started seeing other men. Following their breakup, Marla fled to California. 

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TIffany Trump

Donald’s only child with Marla Maples, Tiffany grew up in California away from her father and is reportedly named after the jewellery store Tiffany & Co. Donald has previously said that he is “less proud” of the 22-year-old in comparison to his other children. Ouch! 

1977 Donald marries Ivana Zelnícková in a lavish ceremony that was the major society event of the decade.

1981 Ivanka Trump is born. She is probably the most famous face in the Trump clan, after her father.

1990 Marla was just 23 years old when she started dating Donald secretly; he was 40. The couple divorced in 1999.

1993 Tiffany Trump, the tycoon’s youngest daughter, is born. She is sometimes referred to as the “forgotten” Trump.

2005 Following his marriage to Slovenian model Melania, the couple welcomed their only son Barron in 2006. 

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