The ultimate zen experience

Besides soaking in the mineral-rich water at Singapore’s first full-fledged Japanese onsen, you can eat, sleep and get a massage too!

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Besides soaking in the mineral-rich water at Singapore’s first full-fledged Japanese onsen, you can eat, sleep and get a massage too! 
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If you haven’t been to an onsen before, the thought of immersing your (naked) self into heated tubs of mineral water - with other women in plain sight - may intimidate you. Put off by the thought of being spotted in your birthday suit? Relax. The new Yunomori Onsen & Spa at Kallang Wave Mall provides disposable black underwear (both top and bottom) for those who prefer to cover up. Here’s what to expect. 

1. Check the time 

Before walking in, make sure you have at least an hour to spare: 30 minutes for the onsen, and the rest of the time for orientation, changing and showering (more on that in point 5). Important note: Those who are pregnant, menstruating or have a skin infection are not allowed in the onsen. People who have recently undergone surgery or have a history of heart problems are advised not to go. 

2. Leave your shoes behind 

You are required to deposit your shoes in one of the free lockers provided before entering the reception area. Cleanliness is a priority, as everyone goes barefoot in the onsen. 

3. Decide on your package 

At the reception, you’ll check in and book your treatment or package. For an entrance fee of $38+, you can access the facilities at Yunomori Onsen & Spa for the whole day. The onsen opens from 10am to 11pm daily, so check in early to enjoy the tranquil ambience. If you have more than an hour to spare, consider adding on a massage to top off the relaxation experience. A la carte prices start from $30+ for a 30-minute foot massage. 

4. Prepare for the onsen 

After checking in, you’ll receive a locker key, towels and yukata (casual kimono) with a design of your choice. The yukata is meant to be worn outside the onsen baths, in the cafe or resting area. In the dressing room, you have to leave your bag, clothes and accessories in the locker, bringing just a hand towel with you into the onsen baths. Everyone’s busy doing their own thing here, so don’t be shy! In case you’re wondering, the onsen has separate areas for men and women. 

5. Follow the rules 

As a hygiene practice, everyone is required to shower in a communal space before stepping into the onsen baths. Shampoo, hair conditioner and body wash – 100 per cent natural and chemical-free from luxury brand Puri Alchemy – are provided. The women’s onsen has four heated baths (soda, jet, bubble and silk) with temperatures ranging from 38.5 to 41 deg C, one cold bath (17 to 19 deg C), and one steam room (43 to 49 deg C). Those with long hair are required to put up their hair to avoid contaminating the onsen water. If you feel giddy or light-headed, it’s advisable to step out of the baths to cool down. Avoid spending more than 45 minutes in the onsen baths. 

6. Chill out 

After the onsen and a massage, you’ll find yourself extremely relaxed… and drowsy. Take a nap in the resting area, a welcome feature in Yunomori Onsen & Spa. The plush beds, well-spaced apart, will lull you into a deep sleep. Post-nap, grab a bite in the adjacent cafe. 

Yunomori Onsen & Spa is at #02-17/18 Kallang Wave Mall, Tel: 6386-4126/6385-7985.