Portrait of Tammy Strobel

The lines are blurred when it comes to design, because good designers view society not in various segments but as a unified entity that needs to be served. All designers share a common belief, and that is the understanding that a well-designed product, whether it be a piece of furniture, appliance or apparel, needs to not only fulfill a function but elicit pleasure and a sense of belonging in its user.

For that reason, designers have always been encouraged to cross the boundaries of their regarded specialty and branch out into other forms of creation. This is ever more important in an age where designers are expected to provide solutions that fit seamlessly in with a client’s lifestyle in a holistic manner.

As a result, we are seeing more fashion designers and labels launching home collections to complement their runway creations. For the homeowner, it’s interesting to see how the design philosophy of each brand is interpreted into its furniture, home accessories or even home fragrances. In this issue, we take a look at the latest home collections from some of the most well-known fashion brands, and find out more about how we can create a couture world of our own at home. 



photography ANGELA GUO art direction NONIE CHEN

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