The Airbolt

A Bluetooth enabled luggage lock that has redefined safe travel.

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A Bluetooth enabled luggage lock that has redefined safe travel.

It has happened to all of us: forgetting the code for unlocking our suitcases and having to try every possible combination for what seems like an eternity. The diff erence between us and Kabir Sidhu, 30, is that the hassle made the Australian wonder why travelling with luggage isn’t less stressful, and do something about it.

In 2014, he created Airbolt (he’s now the CEO of the brand), a lock which pairs with its smartphone app. How it works: The lock syncs with your mobile via Bluetooth when it’s within range of your suitcase. This means you don’t have to remember the lock  code. All you need to do is press the left button on the Airbolt to unlock it.

It also uses a crowdsourced GPS to track your checkedin luggage should it be lost en route; and if someone tries to sneak off with your bag, the Airbolt and your phone will buzz – pronto. If you accidentally unlock it, it’ll relock itself if it’s not removed in fi ve to 10 seconds.

With the Airbolt, you can even allow (or revoke) access to someone you’ve sent a bag to.

Made of die-cast zinc with stainless steel rope, and in six colours, the handy-sized lock was a Kickstarter Good Design Award winner last year. Get it at for $109. - HIY
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The two buttons in front are for backup access: When your phone battery runs flat or you can’t find your phone, unlock the Airbolt by entering the combination you created.