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15 years in. New look, old mag.

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15 years in. New look, old mag.
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Yes, HWM is 15. And boy has the tech world changed. This is going to sound like one of those grandfather stories, but 15 years ago, the biggest mobile giant was Nokia and the most popular phones had no camera, no apps, no memory, no broadband, no color and no smarts whatsoever. Did you know what else we didn’t have 15 years ago? No streaming music (or streaming anything actually) and no social networks (not even Friendster). What did we have? The iPod. Woo!

Even though I’ve lived through it, it’s really hard to remember what I did with all my free time ‘back in the day’. But, what excites me more is trying to envision what tech would be like another 15 years into the future. If we consider the same pace of change, our devices and services will also be completely different than what we have today. And this keeps me motivated.

In keeping with the topic, our team has done a stellar job refreshing the design of the mag and here’s what you can expect within. In Think, we’d like you to ponder the future of digital photography, imaging and virtual reality. For our Feature stories, we explore the limitations of Moore’s Law in microprocessor manufacturing and take a peek into Dyson’s R&D labs. If they can claim to have reinvented the hair dryer, it’s probably not a stretch to think that sliced bread is next on their to-do list.

Nobody will know what the future brings, but if you stick with us, at the very least you’ll be riding shotgun as we explore what’s next.

Zachary Chan Editor 

PS. Look out for our 15th anniversary special giveaways in the next issue. Don’t say bojio.

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