The It actress with a cause: OON SHU AN

She’s the new darling of local theatre and television.

Portrait of Tammy Strobel
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She’s the new darling of local theatre and television who already has on her CV a Hollywood production (the Netflix series Marco Polo), and a viral Youtube clip that’s raked in over a million views. Dubbed “My 5-minute Magic Routine”, it was a lead-up to her one- woman stage performance “#UnicornMoment” in 2014 and questioned popular notions of beauty with such honesty that Buzzfeed picked it up. That, however, isn’t the only thing that’ll get this 31-year-old “social” buzz. She also actively supports movements like Pink Dot, and is intelligently vocal on her social media platforms about issues like ethnic identity. 

Leather and shearling gilet, silk and lace dress, Kisslock leather frame bag, and leather and shearling slides with crystals.

“Communication, connection and empathy are three things to strive towards to when dealing with people from different walks of life – even the ones you don’t like. It’s something I picked up from acting. When we rehearse and discuss the roles we play, we have to be empathetic to the characters, even if we don’t like them. We have to look at the larger picture, and understand what they’re saying and their true intentions.” 

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