Building Hope for a New Generation

With a superb syllabus and top-notch trainers, SEED Institute is the best learning lab for you to embark on a journey to moulding young minds.

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With a superb syllabus and top-notch trainers, SEED Institute is the best learning lab for you to embark on a journey to moulding young minds.
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If you’re the sort who melts inside whenever you spot the smiles of children, why not consider being an early childhood professional? It doesn’t matter if you’re thinking of switching careers or are fresh out of school, because SEED Institute can equip you with all you need to inspire young minds.

Do you have what it takes to be an early childhood educator?

We all had our favourite teachers when we were growing up and, chances are, some of them were fun and friendly while others were tough but fair. So don’t fret if you think your personality is not cut out for teaching. As long as you’ve got a love for little ones and a passion for guiding them in the right direction, drop by SEED Institute to find out if you’ll be able to take on this respected role.

Why choose SEED Institute?

All of SEED Institute’s certificate and diploma programmes are accredited by the Early Childhood Training Accreditation Committee, and their professional trainers are highly qualified to help you become the best you can be. SEED Institute also offers regular term breaks throughout the year to allow students to rest and cope better with their studies. Practical training and sponsorship opportunities are available as well. SEED Institute is the only Continuing Education and Training Centre for the early childhood sector appointed by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency. What’s more, SEEDing Jobs provides employment opportunities for untrained candidates who wish to enroll for Place-and-Train programmes that are fully sponsored by childcare operators.

What are the perks of becoming an early childhood educator?

The greatest satisfaction definitely comes from being able to fulfil your passion, but the side perks that come with it are certainly welcome too. Early childhood educators usually work in shifts, so you’ll get a work-life balance that not many conventional jobs offer. You can also apply everything you’ve learnt at SEED Institute to your work and family life. After all, it’s not just children who need guidance in life – sometimes, your friends and family may need your advice too.

“SEEDing Jobs provided me with an opportunity to join the Early Childhood Care and Education sector as a trainee teacher while studying at the SEED Institute at the same time. With their extensive membership base, they placed me at a childcare centre that was convenient for me. The programmes offered at SEED Institute are holistic and provide optimal experiences for growth, development and learning in this field.”

Zenn Quek Siew Fong, current student of WSQ Professional Diploma in ECCE (Childcare) AFA07 intake (2015)

“The lecturer plays a huge part in our learning. It’s not easy to engage the class well, make lessons interactive and engaging, give appropriate answers and communicate well with the class, but the lecturers at SEED Institute are very interesting and attention-grabbing when they teach. I’m sure this diploma programme will benefit me and I look forward to learning and growing together with my classmates.”

Lim Xue Hui Bernice, current student of WSQ Professional Diploma in ECCE TEF20 intake (2016)

“Even before I graduated, the principal at my workplace called to ask if I wanted to join her at her new centre. At that point in time, I had just started looking for a job and realised that potential employers always seemed impressed when they found out I was graduating from the SEED Institute.”

Koh Shi Yun Julia, current student of WSQ Professional Diploma in ECCE TEF18 intake (2016)