Overheard in the Office 3.0

Yes, we’ve got our moments too. #dontjudge #truestory.

Portrait of Tammy Strobel
Yes, we’ve got our moments too. #dontjudge #truestory.

1 “Passion can't make you full, buf food tastings can.”

2 “I wouldn’t wanna marry someone whose nightclub closed down.”

3 “It’s a rule: all cloths should be shared.”

4 “Check out his abs!”

5 “Another one of my big fears: writing ‘public’ as ‘pubic’.”

6 “Social media is the new burn book.”

7 “You can do butt crunches at your desk.”

8 “She’s a devil. But not the fashionable The Devil Wears Prada type of devil. She’s just a devil.”

9 An actual conversation: “Can you do this?” “No, but can you do this?” “No. But can YOU do THIS?”