Which Romantic move should you make?

Whether you’re rolling in it or counting coins, you can still show him some love. Just follow the arrows!

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Whether you’re rolling in it or counting coins, you can still show him some love. Just follow the arrows!


Go on a picnic

Picnicking can feel more romantic than sitting in a packed restaurant. Find a cute spot with the best view of the sunset/beach/lake, take a comfy rug and connect over bubbles, cheese and choc strawberries for dessert (yep, it’s a cliche ’cos it works).

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Cashed up

A spesh keepsake

Boys might not admit it, but they want to feel like a prince once in a while, too. Go for something he wouldn’t buy himself, but he’s been eyeing. If you’re thinking clothes, be sure he’ll wear it – trying to change his tastes is dangerous territory!

DIY day spa

Who doesn’t love a massage? Transform your room into a parlour complete with fresh towels and ambient music. Get close to him and get pampered – it’s win-win.

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Concert tix to his fave band

This gift will require some forward planning, but if you pull it off, he’ll be one happy dude – we promise! There’s nothing that says “I love you” quite like knowing your man and his tastes inside out. Lock down a double pass so you can rock out together. Romantic

Domestic goddess

Most guys love nothing more than a home-cooked meal. If it’s a new relationship, call his mum to find out his fave meal. Spice it up with a cute outfit and some candles.

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Take HIM out

It’s your turn to spoil him rotten. Find a restaurant he’s been dying to try and book the most romantic table. Let him order whatever he wants and make sure he knows this one’s all on you.

The modern love letter

Guys in love want to hear the words just as much as we do. Hide a letter in his bag or car. If your penmanship isn’t great, write a love e-mail and send it before work. What a way to start the day!

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When all else fails: bring on sexy time.

Romantic getaway

It does call for a bit of cash, but there are few gifts more memorable than a weekend away (and you’ll benefit, too). Plan a road trip to a fancy resort across the causeway or go all out with flight tickets and a stay at a five-star hotel.

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