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If you’re into the gym.

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If you’re into the gym.

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Ponytail kinks are the ultimate gym annoyance. As jumping on the treadmill with your hair flying free isn’t exactly a good alternative, look for 10. coiled hair rings, which – due to their spiral design – won’t leave a mark on your hair. After a workout, remove the band and blast at the roots using the coolest hairdryer setting.

When it comes to getting your face real world-ready after some serious gym time, redness is likely to be your biggest issue. While your normal makeup may help mask the pink a little, it’s best to start fighting the flush before you apply your base. 11. Cover FX Calming Primer, $62, soothes flushed complexions and inflammation fast. Washing your hair at the gym can make the whole experience tougher than it needs to be. Keep a dry shampoo like 12. Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oak Milk, $14.60, in your gym bag, and save yourself the trouble. Spray onto your roots before applying your makeup to give the powder time to soak up the oil before you brush it out. 

Images / Additional Reporting Saarah Jasmine.