Think you’ve seen Jun Kai somewhere before?

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Low Jun Kai

NSF, 20 @r.junkai

Think you’ve seen Jun Kai somewhere before? It’s probably because he was the talking point of a video that went viral late last year—you know, the one where he was in uniform and hanging out with cute search dogs? 

But while this NSF gained overnight fame because of his good looks—he has gotten more than 3,000 new Instagram followers since the video was released—he remains down to earth. “I was never popular, so I don’t think this ‘fame’ means anything special.” 

Scroll through his feed and you’ll see that he works out a fair bit—and he’s very candid about why. “I like to look nice,” he says. “Plus, having a good physique also makes my clothes look better.” However, he’s quick to add that he doesn’t watch what he eats and is the sort to indulge in wanton noodles for breakfast. 

And if you’re wondering: yes, he’s single, but no, he’s not looking. “I do go out with people but I don’t believe in placing my happiness or joy in someone else,” he says. “When the time is right, I’ll find someone who appreciates me. But right now, I’m not looking for anything.” He shares that he likes spending time alone and that he’s very family-oriented. 

This soft-spoken looker plans to do some modelling and work in finance after he ORDs next month. But what he really wants you to know, though, is that if you do see him on the street, he’s always up to say hi. So don’t be shy, OK? 

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