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Having studied the human body for more than 20 years, Richard Girolami is hands-on when it comes to therapy, movement, sport and meditation.

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Having studied the human body for more than 20 years, Richard Girolami is hands-on when it comes to therapy, movement, sport and meditation.
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Sometimes we just need a light bulb moment to point us in the right direction. Destined to be a healer, a miracle cure for asthma and overcoming acute mercury poisoning cemented Girolami’s path as guru of the world-renowned Five Senses Therapy.

Struggling with severe asthma in his teens, Girolami’s mother took the young soccer enthusiast to see an acupuncturist. From that day forward, he never suffered an asthma attack again.

Girolami recalls,“There were some sensations and I became very relaxed; feeling like I needed to sleep once the session was over. I never had another asthma attack again.”

It was this incredible revelation, coupled with the opportunity to travel and experience different cultures and divine practices growing up that helped Girolami develop a strong interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine and martial arts.

Girolami first chose to train in kinesiology and wellness at Arizona State University. He then worked for one of Arizona’s top spa and fitness centres.

A decade later Girolami moved to New York City to work in the family film-making business as a food stylist and lighting technician. It was a light bulb moment, literally, that pushed him to pursue his true calling, as a light bulb actually ‘broke’ close to his head giving him acute mercury poisoning. Overcoming this, he realised it was time to start a Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Yoga has also been a huge part of Girolami‘s life and in 2013, he founded Silk Bridge. Its mission was to connect global experts with local knowledge seekers in health, education and the arts across the globe.

Today Girolami is based in Hawaii as Founder and CEO of Silk Bridge, visiting healing centres and spas from New York to Hong Kong, Zurich and beyond to work with clients. He combined 20 years of experience working with the human body into his trademark Five Senses Therapy, a careful combination of techniques to balance the body and mind.

“My only concern is the well-being of my client. I have a bigger toolbox to choose from with less restrictions and that allows me to be more flexible and effective.”

Girolami is focused on helping people make positive change. “Initially the change begins with the physical but often this allows us to go deeper, break old patterns, habits, clear out stagnant energies and free emotions or pain, which may be stuck in the body.” His work philosophy is simple – all healing begins with a shift, which can be physical, emotional, energetic, in understanding or perspective.

“We are products of our lives. At one time we were free to move without restriction and our physical alignment supported our adventures. Over time most of us develop stress, pain, restriction, misalignment or imbalance. These developments inhibit the flow of vital energy throughout our bodies.”

Girolami doesn’t push people to get emotional. He says,“We talk and breathe during the physical work and it happens naturally. We all have stress and negative emotions in our lives; what isn’t good is to hold onto those and store them in the body. I’m not a counsellor but I try to create an environment conducive to change.”

A typical session with Girolami usually begins with a heart to heart, gathering information, looking at the body posture, tongue and face. “Each person is different and some sessions can be intense. Together with the client we find areas that need attention and create change using intention, breath and movement.”

A Five Senses Therapy session may include elements of the following: myofascial release, trigger point therapy, therapeutic yoga, tui na massage, foot reflexology, acupuncture, craniosacral, cupping, aromatherapy, sound, movement, stretching, organ massage, gua sha, herbal medicine, breathing exercises, qi gong, kinesiology, dietary advice or moxibustion.

For Girolami, trust is essential in all aspects of work. Giving people solid advice, whether it’s a joke, information, listening, brutal honesty or the right word at the right time could be the key to positive change and perhaps inspiring someone’s own light bulb moment.

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