This entrepreneur tells us how she went from hating PE class to running a fitness studio.

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This entrepreneur tells us how she went from hating PE class to running a fitness studio. 

Name: Victoria Martin-Tay

Age: 28

Job: Entrepreneur 

Connect with Victoria 


How did your fitness studio BoOm Singapore come about? 

Prior to opening BoOm Singapore, my husband and I would go to other fitness studios to work out. But we felt that the workouts offered only pleased either of us and it was hard for us to find common ground. Since we dedicate a great deal of our time to fitness, the decision to start a fitness studio together came very naturally. We also decided to create fitness programmes we both love and benefited from [like high intensity training and functional training] for the studio. 

Have you always been active? 

No way! I had been sedentary throughout most of my childhood and teenage years – I seriously hated PE classes! But when I moved to the US for college, I started wanting to spend a lot of time outside because of the beautiful autumn weather. I also saw how many of my American friends would start and end their day with a jog, and figured I could do the same. Before I knew it, a couple of kilometres became five, which then became 10, and I mustered enough courage to do a half marathon. 

What are your future plans for the gym?

We’re looking to expand the business in the short to medium term. But more importantly, we want to inspire people to feel powerful and strong, no matter their age, size or gender. Plans change all the time but the goal to impact people’s lives remains clear to us. We want to help people discover a powerful side of themselves they didn’t think existed.  

Get to know Victoria 

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Five things that make her happy

“Fitness, animals, food, cute swimwear and acts of kindness.” 

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She’s quite a a geek 

“I have two engineering degrees and will choose numbers over words any day!”  

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Her favourite places are Cape Town and Hawaii

“They’re full of beautiful scenery. I never want to bring ‘real’ clothes there – just swimwear and activewear.” 

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