Housing curated fitness concepts from small group workouts to obstacle race training under one roof, the island’s largest gym – TFX Millenia Walk – has all you need for a rewarding experience.

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It isn’t always easy to exercise regularly. Life, boredom, and even laziness get in the way. We know, the struggle is real!

One of the best ways to stay motivated is to constantly mix up your workouts, as this will keep exercise fun and engaging. It’ll also challenge you and push your body in new ways so you’ll sidestep any plateau and keep getting stronger.

Get started by looking for a fitness centre that has everything you need under one roof, from gym equipment to group classes. Better yet if it’s centrally located and easily accessible.


TFX Millenia Walk is a one-stop shop that checks these boxes – and then some. Spanning 41,700 square feet, it is the largest gym in Singapore. Opened by the True Group, TFX Millenia Walk is at the forefront of offering the latest in fitness trends.

Take its gym equipment, for instance. It has a legit selection of state-of-the-art equipment in functional training, strength and cardio zones. What’s even more impressive is the obstacle race training zone where you can train for your next big race. If running’s more your thing, you’ll love the four-lane 25-metre indoor running track that’ll allow you to do your sprints and drills, rain or shine.


Not fond of working out on your own? Check out the well-curated group classes at TFX Millenia Walk. There’s something for everyone, from high-intensity internal training to functional training, cycling and yoga, just to name a few.

Worth going for are its signature 30-minute Small Group Training (SGT) classes. Designed with time-pressed people in mind, these classes will help you get optimum results in minimum time.

For maximum calorie and fat burn, do the AthleticX class. It has equal bouts of exercise and rest intervals, keeping your heart rate up throughout. To build lean muscle while boosting functional strength and muscular endurance, go for the MetconX class, which focuses on executing moderate to heavy loads at low to medium repetitions. If you’re looking to develop power, the StrongX class will help you achieve that through short but heavy and explosive work intervals with longer rest periods.

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Complementing these classes is RegenX, which is also a SGT class. RegenX will help improve your mobility and flexibility – key components for a healthy functioning body. The moves in this class will also enhance blood circulation and speed up muscle recovery.

Sign up for a different class every time you visit TFX and you’ll never have to sweat over your workout again. Plus, you’ll stay motivated and always on top of your fitness game! 


Enjoy a complimentary class at TFX Millenia Walk. Simply register at http://bit.ly/Shape_TFXMilleniaWalk. Visit www.tfx.sg for more information.