How does your hair feel today?

Just like skin, our hair and scalp are susceptible to lifestyle and environment changes. Take this quiz to find out more

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Just like skin, our hair and scalp are susceptible to lifestyle and environment changes. Take this quiz to find out more

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My beauty motto

A. I’m adventurous and I love colour!

B. I want my hair to be smooth and sleek.

C. Fresh and clean - I feel my best after a relaxing shower.

D. Go big or go home

My biggest hair pet peeve:

A. I’m guilty of overprocessing my hair, oops.

B. Does shiny, healthy hair actually exist?

C. My scalp gets greasy easily, but the ends remain dry.

D. No matter how much product I use, my hair cannot hold volume.

Describe your hair woes in three words

A. Overworked, weak, damaged.

B. Dull, rough, frizzy.

C. Oily yet dehydrated!

D. Limp, flat, lifeless.

If I could only use ONE hair product, it would be…

A. A hair mask. I need all the moisture I can get.

B. Definitely a smoothener to tame my mane.

C. Something that calms my scalp while moisturising my locks.

D. Anything that gives me a boost in volume.

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Mostly As: Your hair is under attack

Weak and damaged strands plague you no thanks to countless chemical treatments. It’s time to strengthen your hair’s defence twice weekly with the Essential Nourishing Breakage Defense Hair Mask, $9.90 (200 g).

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Mostly Bs: Your hair is temperamental

If changes in humidity levels can make your mane go from smooth to frizzy in seconds, manage it with the Essential Moisturizing Frizz Free Treatment, $6.50 (180 ml). Use two to three times weekly and results are visible as soon as 30 seconds.

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Mostly Cs: You have combination hair

Yes, just like skin, hair can both be oily and dry at the same time. Using a clarifying shampoo may be ideal for an oily scalp but may leave your ends feeling straw-like, so it’s best not to compromise on your hair care. The Essential Deep Cleansing Care Shampoo and Conditioner, $11.50 each (750 ml), gently cleanses the buildup with its Sebum Cleansing Technology, while the Smart Cuticle Care ensures your tresses stay hydrated and refreshed.

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Mostly Ds: You hair needs a new lease of life

Fine hair coupled with an oily scalp often equals limp hair all around – not a good look! Pump up the volume with the Essential Light Finish Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner, $11.50 each (750 ml). Unlike richer products that may cause excessive build-up at the roots, it adds soft volume and a light airy feel to roots, while leaving ends soft and moisturised. Plus, it’s a great alternative for combination hair as well.

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