One of fine watchmaking’s favourite kooky complications now comes in a slew of new editions for Asia.

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One of fine watchmaking’s favourite kooky complications now comes in a slew of new editions for Asia.

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It’s been 15 years since Franck Muller’s unique brand of audacity brought us the aptly named Crazy Hours watch.

In wanting to express how time is simply an abstract construct, Muller mixed up the order of the hour numerals on the dial. The genius lies in ensuring the hour hand still jumps to the correct number every hour – even if it has to snap halfway across the dial to do so.

To celebrate over a decade of this beautiful insanity, the independent watchmaker has released a series of Asia Exclusive models that will be available in 23 boutiques and retailers across the region. All come in a Cintree Curvex case and sport blue or grey dials. Some have green, red, blue or black numerals and fi ve-minute markers complemented by matching leather straps as well. The References 7880 and 8880 come with sunburst-finished dials.

And, because the watches come in a choice of stainless steel or rose gold, with or without diamonds, and in three sizes, there are 40 combinations available.
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Making coloured ceramic is hard. For instance, the lighter the colour, the more difficult it is not to ruin the pigment. This is why Hublot’s 2018 novelty, the Big Bang Unico Red Magic is an impressive advancement in material innovation. While you’re probably comparing it to Rolex’s “Pepsi bezel” GMT-Master II, it’s worth noting that Hublot’s watch features a red bezel and case, rather than just half a bezel. Extraordinarily vivid, the patented red ceramic is also said to be more scratch-resistant than traditional ceramic. Now that Hublot has perfected the technique for vibrantly coloured ceramics, we look forward to seeing a range of new hues in the near future.
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When Breguet unveiled its Classique Tourbillon Extra-Plat Automatique 5377 in 2014, it reminded the world that it still has a lot to offer when it comes to tourbillons, especially since its founder, Abraham-Louis Breguet, was the complication’s inventor. Not only was it profoundly thin at just 7mm, it also packed a silicon balance spring and escapement containing both silicon and steel components to protect against the effects of magnetism. This year, it returns as the Ref. 5367 with a cleaner aesthetic, thanks to the removal of the power reserve indicator and a switch from a guilloche dial to a grand feu enamel one – a first for the Classique line. Roman numerals have also been replaced with Arabic ones. Contrasting the clean dial is the elaborately decorated Calibre 581, viewable from the exhibition case back.
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Before you brush this bit of news off as yet another boutique opening, Montblanc’s latest store in Paragon has something that should entice you through its doors: in-house engraving and embossing services on its small leather goods and writing instruments. It’s the only outlet in South-east Asia to offer these courtesies. What’s more, you need only wait five minutes instead of five days to get your embossing done, and you can choose from a selection of fonts and colours to personalise your purchase. The 82.5-sqm space was imagined by French designer Noe DuchaufourLawrance, who was generous with his use of black, white and wood to create an uncluttered yet immersive retail environment.

In the same way that mechanical watches show off their movements, the Electricianz Cable Z watch proudly displays its electric nature via colourful exposed wires and a copper coil on the dial.