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Creative touches and plenty of colour give the season’s newest accessories plenty of punch.

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Creative touches and plenty of colour give the season’s newest accessories plenty of punch.
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Whether it’s a roaring tiger set against a camouflage background or abstract motifs inspired by the work of the late Russian painter Nicolas de Stael, fashion offers various ways to be a moving canvas right now.

Canvas and leather bag, from Valentino. Oliver Peoples metal sunglasses, from authorised retailers.

Cotton jacket, from Salvatore Ferragamo.
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Incorporating flamboyant animal prints into your outfit can be a challenge. Coach’s abstract “drip-leopard” pattern offers a cool, artsy way to be part of the jungle fever.

Acetate sunglasses, from Emporio Armani. Leather bag, from Coach.
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Earthy tones are anything but boring when they’re combined with incongruous images: Givenchy, for instance, mixes camouflage with dollar-bill imagery, and surrealist motifs with hardy material in sensible brown.

Leather and nylon bag, and Cordura bag (in brown), from Givenchy. Canvas and leather sneakers, from Valentino.
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You don’t need a whole lot of bright colours for onlookers to pay attention. Strategically placed strips of vibrant cobalt or an artistically graduated brown makes as much of a statement.

Leather sneakers, from Berluti. Cotton shirt and leather bag, from Salvatore Ferragamo.

Nylon-fibre sunglasses, from Prada.
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Some of our favourite illustrations for spring come straight from the kids’ department. While wildlife playfully disrupts the Louis Vuitton monogram, sombreros and cacti enliven a light-blue coin purse by Prada.

Leather clutch, Louis Vuitton. Nylon belt and leather coin purse, from Prada.
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