Jamco Optical has Singapore’s largest collection of Air Titanium Rim glasses by Danish brand Lindberg.

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"The know-how of an optometrist and architects is the basis of the unparalleled Air Titanium Rim."
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Danish design is well-loved for its elegance and simplicity, from the country’s fashion houses’ clean-cut silhouettes to the lines and curves of its classic interior design pieces. Not surprisingly, the Danes take even quotidian objects seriously, extending this level of innovation and workmanship even to items such as reading glasses.

Lindberg is a family-owned business with a workshop in Aarhus, Denmark. For more than three decades, it has been creating minimalist eyewear, combining skilled craftsmanship with state of the art technology. Since the very start, Lindberg has proudly offered a line of eyewear known as Air Titanium Rim – the brainchild of Danish optometrist Poul-Jorn Lindberg and architects Dissing+Weitling – that boasts such incredible lightness, strength, and comfort that it remains unparalleled even today.

Air Titanium Rim is made wholly of thin titanium wire and features the brand’s patented screwless hinges. The design epitomises minimalism, with no unnecessary spare parts. Each element, whether it is the nose bridge and pads or the actual front of the frame, can be adjusted easily for a perfect fit. All models in the Air Titanium Rim range come in various sizes with a choice of 39 wire colours, so you can customise a pair that best reffects who you are – temple pieces can even be engraved.

The largest range of Air Titanium Rim products in Singapore is available at B.Spoke by Jamco Optical, which recommends that they be paired with Zeiss lens. Created by the world’s leading manufacturer in precision optics, the surface of Zeiss lens is optimised point-by point to provide superb visual quality. Its plastic lenses also come equipped with full UV protection, allowing the wearer to be practical without affecting his style.

To find out more about Lindberg products, visit B.Spoke’s trunk show from April 13 to 15. The event will showcase the latest pieces from the Mido Eyewear Show 2019 in Milan, all of which can be preordered.

B.Spoke by Jamco Optical is at #B1-99 Katong Shopping Centre. Tel: 6345-9519. www.jamcooptical.com. Facebook: Jamco Optical Instagram: @jamcooptical