Louis Vuitton makes a bold move into electronic wearables.

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Louis Vuitton makes a bold move into electronic wearables.

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Luxury brands have at last found their stride in the smartwatch arena.

Earlier this year, Montblanc unveiled its Summit timepiece, while Tag Heuer released the Connected Modular 45.

Fashion house Louis Vuitton is entering the fray with the Tambour Horizon, a 42mm wide, 12.5mm thick statement piece that takes design cues from analogue predecessor Tambour Moon.

The watch is far smaller than its contemporaries and comes with leather watch straps options bearing the LV monogram. This will appeal to individuals who appreciate the recognisability. What’s missing are features such as NFC payment and heart rate monitors, by now staples on most wearables. Instead, the focus here is on LV’s heritage as a trunk maker: The Horizon is intended to be an irreplaceable travel companion.

Once you pair the watch with the LV Pass app on your mobile phone, it can provide you with flight updates and directions to the right gates and belts at airports. LV’s collection of City Guides comes preloaded on the watch, so you will be alerted to notable sites, sights and restaurants in the vicinity. All this prestige comes with a hefty price tag, with the base model costing upwards of $3,300 – almost enough to snag both the Tag Heuer and Montblanc watches.

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