The Smart Girl’s Tools to a Better Lipstick Wardrobe

Whether you are searching for a signature lip colour or simply prefer to create your own unique shade, these lipsticks can help you nail it.

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Whether you are searching for a signature lip colour or simply prefer to create your own unique shade, these lipsticks can help you nail it.

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Not too long ago, you had to be an It girl – think: Sofia Coppola, Kim Kardashian West, Emily Ratajkowski – to get your own lipstick shade. Not anymore. Today, anyone can create a personalised lip colour by layering two different hues from the reformulated Laneige Silk Intense Lipstick collection. 

Claire Jin, senior vice-president at Laneige, explains that after 20 years of heritage, the brand is getting a fresh injection of youth and positioning itself as an iconic brand for millennials. This wide range of  colours – 35 in total – allows Gen-Yers to express themselves more fully and, as Claire says, “show off their unique styles”. 

You Get Great Colour Payoff and Maximum Comfort

The revamp sees the colour pigments downsized and packed tightly together for a brighter and stronger colour payoff.

One layer gives you vibrant colour with a clear, slightly translucent and almost dewy finish, thanks to its high moisture content. Multiple layers of the same colour will achieve a bolder and more opaque finish. The lippie comes in five colour families, namely the reds, purples, pinks, beiges and corals, and is formulated to adhere well to lips and provide maximum comfort. 

“We’ve been searching for the smoothest and most comfortable way to cover lips, and found the answer in silk,” shares Jeongmin Cho, brand manager at Laneige South Korea. “When analysed under a microscope, we found that the surface of fabrics such as silk is made up of super-fine fibres that feel soft and adhere well. Inspired by the inner structure of luxurious fabrics, we created a smooth and long-lasting lipstick by mixing in silk-like polymers and fibres.”

Customise Me Pretty

Customisation has been the name of the game for a while now; everyone wants their own beauty concoction, from bespoke skincare serums to personalised perfumes. Laneige has extended this trend to lip makeup with its revamped Silk Intense Lipstick in 35 new luscious shades, including two – Exotic Yellow and Forest Fantasy (grey) – meant to be used as topcoats over the other hues. 

“There is a strong desire for personal style today,” says Jeongmin. “While fashion trends may lean towards certain colours, they may not be suitable for you. With that in mind, we have created two mixing colours that can be worn on their own, or used to tone up (Exotic Yellow) or tone down (Forest Fantasy) your lipstick hue. With them, you can fine-tune any colour to suit your skin tone and personality.”

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How to Maximise Exotic Yellow and Forest Fantasy

When you layer the two mixing hues over the other 33 individually, you get 99 shades in total, not including ombre-lip permutations. Fair warning: while you can wear the grey and yellow hues on their own, you may want to hold back on that as the former makes your lips look ashen and the latter has a jaundice-like effect.

When worn over reds, pinks and purples, both Exotic Yellow and Forest Fantasy deliver on their promise, with the former making colours brighter and more vivid, and the latter making them look cooler and more subdued. 

Besides expanding your current lipstick wardrobe, the two mixing hues can enhance existing lipsticks that don’t suit you or you no longer fancy. For instance, if you just came back from a beach holiday and want to brighten up the lipstick colours you already have to complement your new tan, Exotic Yellow will do the trick. 

These new lipsticks can be layered on so well because of a new ultra-micronised pigment technology. “Pigments are minimised until they’re micro-sized, and are perfectly aligned to achieve vivid colour with one touch,” explains Jeongmin. This means that when colours are layered, they won’t lose their rich and vivid hues.