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Get twice the fat - blasting power with these radio - frequency - based treatments from BTL Aesthetics.

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Get twice the fat - blasting power with these radio - frequency - based treatments from BTL Aesthetics.

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While cutting your calorie intake and working out are good ways to help you lose weight, sometimes, you may still be left with pockets of stubborn fat around your thighs and tummy that diet and exercise can’t seem to shift. And if you have lost a substantial amount of weight overall, you may also be stuck with loose, sagging skin.

To help you slim down and achieve a sleeker and more sculpted silhouette, BTL Aesthetics offers two FDA-approved radio-frequency-based treatments: BTL Vanquish ME and BTL Exilis Elite.

A state-of-the-art fat-reducing treatment, BTL Vanquish ME promises to get rid of fat in the midsection by using high-frequency selective radio-frequency energy. The treatment supposedly heats and destroys fat cells in this broad area, leaving you with a tighter, firmer and more defined waistline. Say goodbye to annoying love handles and that belly pooch! It usually takes about three hours spread across four sessions each week to treat this area and promises to be a comfortable experience. This is because the procedure is non-invasive as it does not come in contact with the skin, and does not require anaesthesia or medication.

The BTL Elixis Elite also uses radio-frequency energy to supposedly destroy fat cells, but this treatment focuses on smaller target areas, like the arms, “bra fat”, saddle bags and inner and outer thighs. In addition to body contouring, it can help improve the skin’s texture, treat skin laxity, and reduce the look of wrinkles for a more lifted appearance. It purportedly tightens collagen fibres and stimulates the production of new collagen, a process which the company terms as “collagen remodelling”. The treatment is also non-invasive and requires virtually no downtime.

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