Cruise Control

The return of aviator sunnies – as enduring as Tom Cruise, but a whole lot more fashionable.

Portrait of Tammy Strobel

Miu Miu

To many from the under-25 demographic, Tom Cruise is that dude from the Mission Impossible film series who doesn’t want to die. What’s equally enduring but a lot more fashionable about him: the eyewear trends he helped ignite when he was under 25. Among them: slick, tough-guy aviators synonymous with Top Gun, his 

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1986 movie that reportedly caused sales of the glasses to spike by 40 per cent when it opened. In F/W ’19, brands like Celine and Miu Miu are bringing them back to lend roguish cool to ’70s knits and tailoring. It probably won’t give Cruise a Keanu-style renaissance, but, hey, Top Gun the sequel is lined up for next year.

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