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Make brittle strands, split ends and dull locks a thing of the past with the new and improved Essential Leave-On Treatment range.

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Make brittle strands, split ends and dull locks a thing of the past with the new and improved Essential Leave-On Treatment range.
Corbis/Click Photos
Corbis/Click Photos

You might be using the correct shampoo, conditioner and leave-on treatment mask, but you’re still asking the same question: why is my hair so dry, frizzy, and lackluster?

Turns out, heat styling, exposure to the elements and even the smallest actions like tossing and turning on your pillowcase can cause rough strands and frizz. When this happens, your hair is unable to absorb and retain moisture, resulting in weak, dry strands. Also, roughened cuticles do not reflect light as well as a smooth cuticle – and that’s how your crowning glory loses its lustre.

Achieving glossy, gorgeous hair isn’t difficult – all you need to do is add an extra step to your haircare regime. On top of your treatments and masks, boost your hair’s moisture and protect it from damage with Essential CC Oil. It fights the five most common forms of hair stresses that we face every day – damage from blow-drying and combing, split ends, breakage and dryness. It does this by coating each cuticle with a lightweight oil that keeps tangles at bay and protects your hair from damage caused by heat, friction and breakage. Use it on towel-dried or damp hair, and your tresses will be manageable all day long.

Essential Night Care Milk, $11.90
Essential Night Care Milk, $11.90
One for the night

Put a stop to those early-morning frizzy locks.

Tossing and turning in bed creates friction between your hair strands and the pillow case, causing static and frizz to form. Essential Night Care Milk is a rich yet non-greasy milk formula that protects against friction and intensively moisturises your hair all through the night. That way, you’ll be able to snap the perfect #iwokeuplikethis selfie. 


Find out more about the five common hair stresses.


The heat from blow-drying can leave your hair dry and brittle. Over time, hair strands will be prone to breakage and dullness.


Turns out, combing wet hair causes great damage as that’s when it’s most fragile. The constant tugging and pulling of hair from the comb can stretch and break hair strands.


The ends of your hair are driest as less moisture gets carried there. So the ends start fraying and breaking apart, causing dreaded split ends.


Seemingly trivial actions like twisting your hair into a tight bun or twirling your hair with your fingers can damage your hair and eventually cause breakage.


The external cuticle can be damaged just by being outdoors. The culprits? UV rays, wind and harmful environmental pollutants, which will wear down the cuticle and cause your hair to dry out.